Should my business be recording calls?

Whereas once business VoIP solutions .

were expensive, today, with a little help from the cloud, they’re much more affordable and widespread. Learning how to make the best use possible of VoIP and all the operations-enhancing features that come with it can take a while.

Take call recording, for instance. Many businesses with cloud telephony know that they have it, but they don’t always know if they should be using.

Call recording for business

Call recording is something that companies use that allows them to respond fast to the ever-changing needs of customers. If a customer has a bad
experience, for instance, call recording will enable organisations to review the call, pinpoint what went wrong, and then make changes to their procedures
depending on their findings.

What is a call recording system?

A call recording system is simply any telephony tool that allows you to record and replay any calls you take at a later date. The best call recording systems are those available through the cloud. These systems allow anyone with an internet-connected device and access to a company portal to review voice communications remotely, all without having to dial any numbers.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to install call recording in your business.

1. Better compliance

For many companies, call recording is a part of their regulatory compliance. Any firm, for instance, that deals with vulnerable people should use voice recording for safeguarding reasons. Companies that use sensitive, personal customer data should also use recording to make sure that they can trace any breaches and protect clients. Furthermore, simply being proactive in this regard can help convince regulatory authorities that you’re taking actions necessary to fulfil your legal duties.

2. Enhance training and quality assurance

While call recording systems are in everyday use in contact centres, regular businesses can benefit from them too. It’s not just about compliance. It’s also about ensuring that all your colleagues meet minimum standards when communicating with people inside and outside of the firm. Managers can skim the
calls, look for problems, and then take remedial action where necessary.

Sometimes agents do not have a level of interaction with customers that reflects the ideals of the business. Call monitoring can help you identify colleagues who require additional training to bring their phone manner up to standard.

3. Capture details you might otherwise miss

Sometimes it can be challenging to absorb everything that a customer or colleague says to you in a phone conversation, especially when multi-tasking. It’s helpful, therefore, to be able to go back and review your communications as and when required. Agents and sales reps, for instance, might want to listen again to the phone call so that they can fill out additional details in CRM tools.

4. Resolve disputes

Keeping tabs on conversations between company reps, colleagues and customers are vital. You can defend yourself against litigation and provide robust evidence during legal battles. You can avoidœhe said, she said€ problems where it is just one person’s word against another.

So, in summary, your business stands to benefit on many fronts from recording calls. To find out more about the best phone system and call recording options for your business, call Berry Telecom today on 0330 222 0332.

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