5 Reasons to ditch your office phone system

If you’ve always used a traditional landline office phone, it might not be obvious why you would change it. After all, it has probably served you well for donkey’s years.

Anyone who relies on regular telephones day-after-day, however, knows that they have limits, especially in today’s business environment. Landlines
shackle you to a desk, require you to check voicemails manually and need physical line installation, whenever you want to install a new terminal.

The new kid on the block, voice over internet protocol (VoIP),solves all these problems and more. Here are five reasons why you’ll want to ditch your office phone and upgrade to this new system.

1. VoIP is the future

There’s no denying – VoIP is the future. It allows companies to eliminate their reliance on physical landline connections and, instead, route all calls through the internet. Because it transforms communication into data streams, you can conduct as many simultaneous calls that you like through your office phone system. It offers a level of flexibility that you can’t get when you rely on nineteenth-century landline technology, working around your operational requirements and lowering your costs.

2. Save money by using a more affordable system

For business people, there’s another lure of VoIP technology: it allows you to save money. If you want to add lines, you don’t have to go to the trouble of routing cables through your office. Instead, you just ask your VoIP provider to add another account, and you’re done. Calls on VoIP are often free, so no huge phone bills at the end of each month.

3. Scale Up

VoIP, therefore, is a Godsend for businesses that want to grow. It means that you can scale-up fast, without having to hire legions of engineers to lay down cables in your existing premises or new locations. VoIP works through the cloud, allowing you to add new accounts to your service instantly, whenever you need them, usually at low or no additional cost.

4. VoIP offers easy access to additional features

Because VoIP operates through the internet, it opens up an array of new and exciting features that you don’t get if you’re stuck with landlines. For
instance, you can forward voicemails to the relevant colleague by attaching them to emails. You can also get extra services such as customisable call
queues, voicemail transcriptions, SMS, video chat and auto attendant.

5. Enable mobility in a digital world

As the digital age matures, mobile workforces are becoming increasingly common. While the idea of employees travelling to a central office isn’t out-of-date just yet, the world is certainly moving in that direction. Companies want remote workers to be able to communicate with teams and customers while in
the field.

Currently, the vast majority of firms rely on mobile devices that are not connected with the rest of their business telephone services which creates
complications and confusion for customers and colleagues. VoIP unifies across both mobile and landline, allowing you to project a consistent brand identity, no matter what device you use. So long as you’re hooked up to the internet, you can log into your company VoIP portal and start making calls.

Berry’s Cloud based system offers all of the essential features needed to ensure you are getting the most from your phone system. Call us today to talk to our team or get an online quote.

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