How much does a business phone system cost?

How much does a business phone system costs in the market in 2020? It’s worth knowing that various factors play a part in the overall bill. These are

1. Number of users/handsets
2. Number of sites
3. Functionality required

Number of Users

By having an idea of how many phone lines you’ll need for your business, you can begin to estimate the costs needed. This can be based on the nature of the business. Whether you need a phone for your receptionist, and others for different departments, or just a single line that reaches various employees. You’ll need to understand how you want people to communicate with people within your business – both externally and internally.

Number of Sites

If your company is centred in one single location, you’ll only have to factor in that one location when planning your expenditure. However, when considering multiple locations, that plays a part, too. A smaller, single-location business will obviously require fewer telephone lines and one single main phone system and so is cheaper than installing phone systems in multiple business sites, which will increase the costs of your system. However, by choosing a cloud-based phone system, you will of course not need the onsite main phone system hardware.

Functionality Required

Business phone systems range from the most basic ‘make a call / receive a call’ models, right up to those that cater for conference calling, call recording and those with call reporting packages. It’s worth spending a bit of time thinking about which features could really help your business to become more efficient, it may be worth investing in added functionality to reduce the travel costs of staff etc.

When factoring in communication costs, you can cut corners on some things, such as using social media to promote and communicate with customers, but there comes a stage that as the business grows, a work mobile just won’t cut it anymore. Speak to Berry about all of your options, Berry provides a wide range of phone systems, so you can be sure to get something that fits the bill for you.

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