Is a VoIP system right for my business?

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Is a VoIP system right for my business?A VoIP phone system uses the same internet connection that your company already uses and provides features such as
automated attendants, call queues, and computer integration.

A VoIP system can give remote workers access to their business’s phone system from their mobile devices, and it provides asophisticated phone system that is easy to set up and configure, plus it is significantly cheaper than a landline system.

However, this system does rely on your internet connection, so if you often have unreliable internet service, this type of phone system won’t work for you. However, where possible, Berry can look to upgrade your broadband service, giving you the robust platform you need to get started.

VoIP systems are best for small businesses wanting the functionality of a sophisticated phone system at a reasonable price and companies that want their remote employees to be able to access the phone system.

If you decide to go for a VoIP system, you then need to choose how you want it hosted. You can either have an˜on-premise’ system which is hardware configured on your office premises, which means you will need to take some responsibility to ensure it is up and running and configured how you like. With this option there can be a significant upfront cost as you have to buy all the equipment necessary. Alternatively, you could have a cloud-hosted system, where there is no maintenance or hardware other than phones to worry about. You can set up and configure the system for your business,all from your computer, and you can usually pay a monthly fee per-user.

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