5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch To VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a system which allows voice communications, and various other multimedia sessions, to be conducted over the Internet. As long as your company has good bandwidth and Internet strength, VoIP is for you. It is the way of the future, and we have listed here five reasons why you should swap to VoIP today.

1. It is an all-in-one system

There are so many features in a VoIP communication system.

  • It allows you to make multiple calls at the same time
  • Colleagues and clients can use the same contact number
  • Access voicemail via email
  • You can use fax
  • Call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, call transfer, return call
  • There is a speed dial feature
  • You can send SMS
  • There is the ability to choose the area code
  • You can redial the last number

It is an all singing all dancing system.

2. Enhanced network management

Your IT department will be able to manage every bit of data that travels across the LAN or WAN networking system. This will enable you to locate and fix network issues more quickly, which is an absolute God-send in a busy office. The tools VoIP comes with allow you to support the network much more efficiently. VoIP is adept at helping you detect issues and make changes to the way your network is set up, before small problems become big problems.

3. Cost

VoIP will mean that you are making a move away from the old telephone-based system and to the Internet. It will make things cheaper as it will reduce your telecommunications bills. It also means that there are less internal resources being used to keep up the day-to-day communications running. You also have the ability to use the cloud feature, which again will bring down internal IT costs.

4. It works on the existing system

The current telephone system you have should be able to be adapted into the new VoIP network. It probably already has digital capabilities. If you have the PBX system, it will be easy. This means that you do not need to reinvest in the basic infrastructure so your original investment is saved.

5. Easier to manage and maintain

It is a converged network which means that voice information and data uses the same system to connect people. It is a more cohesive system and works seamlessly over many different communication types as it is a unified database. VoIP allows users to use their communications databases more effectively. Computer comms and telephone-based comms, including video conferences, can be managed at the click of a button. The VoIP network can adjust itself in order to assist the user better. This can help with desk moves, etc. VoIP makes things so much more straightforward, it is a huge cost benefit as there are less communication and IT problems. The whole process seems to work seamlessly. Also, the staff can carry on with their jobs. The company loses less time to IT faults.

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