Have a local area number direct to your mobile

Berry recognises that for small businesses, a local landline phone number helps them to look well-established and trustworthy. For tradespeople or professionals that work remotely or in the field, a physical wired landline sometimes isn’t practical. Berry’s new Landline On Demand service will set you up with a virtual local landline phone number that diverts calls through to your mobile.

Berry’s virtual landline via WhatsApp costs just £8.99 per month and those calling your landline number are only charged local landline rates by their network provider. Within a single day, Berry can set up your new virtual local number and get calls directed to your mobile straight away. If you’re looking to expand your business into other locations, you can also choose your preferred geographic area code.

Landline On Demand Features Include

  • Give the impression of having local business premises
  • Allows you to record calls
  • set up working hours messages
  • You choose the number, including the area code
  • Re-route calls to other numbers if necessary e.g out of hours or when you’re on holiday
  • Remove the hassle of having a physical landline installed

Upon launching this new service, Berry Co-owner and Sales Director Simon Langford said:

“This new service will provide huge value to smaller businesses around the UK, they won’t have to spend time and money arranging for a physical landline to be installed only for it to be rarely used. By allowing businesses to choose other area codes, Berry can help them to test demand for their services in other areas without having to buy or rent premises.”

This new service is now available to all UK mobile phone users across all mobile networks. This service is an add-on to existing mobile phone contracts, so no extra arrangements need to be made with mobile network providers.


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