Berry Launches New Online Web Listings Tool

Smaller businesses today often do not have the time or resources to make the necessary updates to their website, social channels of which there are now many, and the long list of digital applications to ensure that their business address, contact details and opening hours are consistent and up-to-date.

To alleviate this issue, Berry now provides to customers as standard, a tool which enables businesses to update their details from one single location. Berry’s new Web Listings .

tool proactively updates all online channels so that if your prospective customers are searching in Google, or Facebook, or are trying to find your physical location on a map app, they can be sure to always find the right and most recent information.

Our Web Listings tool can update your information on over 16 online channels. As these channels are updated at least once a month from the Web Listings portal, online search engines will deem your content as up-to-date and therefore present your business higher in the search engine listings.

Upon launching this new online tool, Berry’s Co-Owner and Operations Director Paul Hallam said:

“We’re constantly looking at ways in which we can add value to our customers, specifically with regards to more easily connecting them to their clients and prospective clients. This new Web Listings tool provides a really easy way to ensure businesses can always be found. Having used the tool for our own business, it really does only take a few minutes and provides us with great peace of mind that we’re always showing the correct information online and therefore can be found.”

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about this fantastic new tool, which is available to all Berry customers.

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