Berry’s charity donation gets to work for the Morris-Eales family

Last January, Berry pledged to raise funds for JJ Morris-Eales a young local girl.

with Cerebral Palsy. A huge £18,000 was raised and was presented to her family at Berry’s 7th birthday party last year.

. On Saturday 15th June this year, builders ARP Installations started to put Berry’s donation to use by commencing the building of a new garden room for JJ and her family. This extra room will go towards alleviating overcrowding inside the home, giving the family a bit more space to live and enjoy.

When JJ was 2 years old she suffered a seizure that left her with a brain atrophy and other complications which left her unable to sit unaided, walk or talk like she used to. JJ has a sister and three step-sisters, who along with their parents, live in a small two-bedroom home. JJ has her own bedroom, while her 4 sisters share a room and their parents sleep in the lounge. Initially Berry hoped to raise £12,000 to fund a lift so that her parents could get her to bed safely as she grows up. In the end a huge £18,000 was raised and presented to the family last July. After various unsuccessful attempts at gaining the necessary planning permits to extend their home, a new multi-function garden room has been approved. Upon the building work commencing, JJ’s Mum Marie Morris-Eales said:

“We’re so happy right now. Thank you to everyone at Berry, we feel like you’re giving us our life back. This extra space means that we can stay in our home and our lounge can again be the family space it should be.”

Berry Co-owner Simon Langford was originally informed of the Morris-Eales situation by a mutual friend 18-months ago. Marie and Simon had gone to school together and so upon hearing of their predicament he immediately wanted to it help them. Simon felt that the family was already doing all they could to improve their standard of living including taking on extra work to support their 5 children and the day-to-day needs of JJ, but they just needed a little bit of extra help. Now that the building work is underway Simon said:

“It’s amazing to see developments taking shape. We feel so fortunate to be in this position where we can help people that really need some extra support. We’re looking forward to meeting JJ and her family again when they come to visit the team late July, hopefully they can share some pictures of the finish garden room. This new room is a testament to the hard work of the Berry team.”

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