Berry presents cheque to Southampton Neonatal Unit

Today, Berry’s Technical Director Andrew Legg and Marketing Manager Jade Reeves presented a cheque to the Southampton Children’s Hospital Neonatal Unit for £656.

The funds were raised at the end of last year as part of Berry’s ongoing commitment to support local and national charities. Every month Berry will raise funds for a specific charity and last December, Berry chose the Southampton Neonatal Unit.

The Unit was selected as it is a cause close to Andrew’s heart. Andrew’s brother Daniel and wife Hannah delivered their beautiful daughter Ava in August 2018. Ava was born with breathing difficulties and as such has spent much of her life at the special Unit. Daniel and Hannah have felt tremendously supported and are generally in awe of the staff at the unit. Andrew put forward the Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity as a recipient of Berry’s fundraising work in his appreciation of what they’ve done for his brother’s family.

The team at Berry held a fundraising day which included a staff raffle, a bake sale, a paid-for buffet lunch, and a customer competition. Berry’s Technical Director Andrew said:

“Berry’s fundraising days provide us with a great opportunity to all get together, from both Salisbury and Whiteley offices to get behind a great cause and really make a difference to people’s lives. I feel privileged to have been able to make a positive contribution to something that’s had such an impact on my family.”

The Southampton Hospital Neonatal Unit are looking to expand their ward to provide another four beds, plus extra beds for parents staying overnight next to their children. You can find out more about the Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity and its’ projects at

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