Is your business ready for the UK’s digital transformation?

In this digital age of constant change, investing in new ICT technologies and solutions can be daunting for businesses. But the good news is that companies such as Berry Telecom are always on top of this rapidly changing telecoms environment, and are able to offer solutions that are future-proof, scalable and affordable.

We attended Comms Vision 2018

Comms Vision is an annual event for the UK’s major ICT and comms solution providers. At this industry-leading event we discussed and defined the future landscape of the UK ICT channel.

At Comms Vision 2018 we delved into how the race for infrastructure and applications is rapidly advancing and how the new€˜Digital Britain’ is focusing on a customer reality. We also concentrated on ways to stay ahead of the game and keep up to date with the UK’s rapidly expanding digital infrastructure, and thus offer our clients the newest solutions and technologies to help them prepare for the changes ahead.

It’s all about digital transformation

The UK stands at the edge of a new era in ICT as government and industry strive to deliver Digital Britain’ and position the UK as a technology leader post Brexit. As this digital era transforms our ICT landscape, it’s imperative that modern businesses stay on track and adopt a digital transformation strategy that significantly improves productivity and customer relations, and keeps them ahead of their competitors.

Simply put, digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies into a business with the aim to improve efficiency within the business, which ultimately results in improved customer experience and an increase in profitability.

Embracing a digital transformation may seem daunting, particularly if your business has many processes ingrained into the company’s daily operation, but the benefits from doing so can make a significant difference. Digital transformation brings about a great number of positive changes for your business, especially for your businesses communications systems, and helps you move forward in this new digital age.

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for businesses

In accordance with our attendance at Comms Vision, we’re always striving to find the best telephony solutions for our clients and customers.

We can define digital transformation with a combination of a few different technology areas, such as:

Cloud (VoIP)

The cloud is the provision of digital services over the internet. Cloud services bring all of the features you know and love from an on-premise phone system and delivers them via the internet. These kinds of services means that you do not need to buy and look after expensive hardware and software,making it a cost-effective, scalable solution.


Mobility has become one of the most important areas for businesses to focus on when reshaping their organisations for this digital age. With smartphone usage continuing to increase, many people now use mobile as their main computing device. Additionally, customers now expect seamless experiences when using an organisations mobile solution.


integrated mobility solutions enable seamless and streamlined communications for workers as they no longer miss their business calls or messages and can
respond promptly.


In this technological age, it is now easier and ever more important for organisations to work in a collaborative manner. This collaboration is important across whole business networks, particularly mobile workers. Setting up your organisation with a unified communication (UC) system is the solution to deliver such values of connectivity. <;p>

Here are some of our solutions

At Berry Telecom we supply, install and support office telephone systems, phone lines, business broadband & business mobiles across the UK. We’ll work with
you to understand how you business can best benefit from advanced digital technologies and offer a range of solutions, including: <.p>

Business Phone Systems

€” Partnering with the world’s leading telephony brands- Ericsson-LG and Samsung- we deliver award-winning phone systems to a whole host of industry sectors. Berry’s office phone systems can help your business to gain better control, find easier ways to work, boost your brand and save you money.

Calls, Lines and Broadband

€” We can provide you with your phone lines and broadband connection, as well as giving you access to our preferential call charges. When switching to these services most customers find they have saved on their phone bills. We also take care of everything, from securing the lines, securing competitive call charges and maintaining a reliable and robust broadband connection, meaning you can save on maintenance and support charges.


€”If your business uses communication and operational technology such as phone systems, computer networks, mobile devices, WiFi and printers then Berry can help you with your technology infrastructure through our wired and wireless network products.


€”Improve business mobility with mobiles. Berry Telecom can complement your existing telephony set-up by also providing your company with mobile phones. Berry can arrange your handsets, call plans and even organise trade-ins for your old handsets. Using Berry as your sole telephony provider can make things a lot simpler“ let your Berry Account Manager do all the work for you.

And you can trust us because€¦

Berry Telecom provides phone systems and on-going support to over 14,000 users within small to medium businesses across the UK. We have a UK based team that will design, deliver and support your leading edge phone system“ allowing your business to operate more efficiently and deliver
exceptional customer service. Berry Telecom is currently rated as a 5-star organisation according to the independent review site TrustPilot.

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