How to modernise your small business telephone system

Thanks to the great advancements in technology, the way we do business has rapidly changed – and is continuing to do so. But, there is one thing that has remained a key part of any successful business: dependable communication systems.

In a tech-savvy society,customers and clients need to be able to contact you as and when they wish,whether that’s via email, social media or over the phone. So this means businesses, regardless of size, need reliable communication systems to support this need, which means modern business telephone systems.

Modern phone systems are not just for big businesses

In the past, companies would have to invest large sums into major internal telephone networks. These systems required great numbers of hardware, cabling, complicated switchboards and hefty maintenance services, which all racked up in price. This meant it was only the large corporations that could afford these types of equipment.

Fast-forward to the present day and not only are smart tech options available for larger companies, but smaller ones too.

Improved fibre-optic technology has created faster, more efficient means of communication€”and not just via email, but phone calls via an internet connection, too. And with this comes great benefits.

Upgrading to VoIP systems

It has never been easier to modernise your small business telephone system. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems provide you with a wealth of features and benefits. These Cloud based systems utilise your employee’s mobile devices, so you can connect your main phone systems to your off-premise employees via desktop, laptop, tablet and mobiles as well as your usual table-top handset all via one simple app.

Why small businesses should invest in VoIP systems

As well as being incredibly cost-effective, there are a great number of other benefits that small businesses can take advantage of after investing in smart telephone systems.

  • Enables remote working – whether you have employees out in the field or working from home, you can keep them connected to your client based all via their mobile devices.
  • Effective call management – easily and quickly monitor incoming and outgoing calls, dial, receive calls and messages, and connect your customers to the right staff instantly.
  • Improve efficiency – call recording and reporting features help you to understand how your business is operating. Berry’s systems integrate with many different
  • customer databases and CRM tools, so you can monitor your most important relationships.
  • Boost your brand – everything from the design of the hardware, to the call routing functionality and the range of on-hold marketing options ensure your company is being presented in the most professional way.
  • Save on upgrades – Software upgrades can be done at a time that suits you minimising downtime.
  • Scalability – be prepared for business expansion by unifying your business mobile phones to your communication systems. New employees can easily be added to the system, so as your business expands, so does your phone capabilities.

Berry Telecom provides phone systems and ongoing support to over 14,000 users within small to medium businesses across the UK. We have a UK based team that will design, deliver and support your leading-edge phone system“ allowing your business to operate more efficiently and deliver exceptional customer service. Our experienced consultants spend quality time with your business to really understand which system will deliver the greatest results.

For more information on small business telephone systems, please contact us today.


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