How to integrate a mobile phone app with your employees

It would seem that today’s modern businesses are choosing to operate under more flexible working environments. More and more employees are opting to work from home or spend more time out in the field, as evidence would suggest this does wonders for productivity, efficiency and business expansion. But how do you offer these working conditions if your business relies on landline phones?

The answer lies with mobile business phone systems.


So what are they and how can they be integrated across your employees? Read on to find out more.

What is a mobile business phone system?

Unlike traditional phone systems that require a central phone system server, a desktop phone for each employee, an answering system to route calls, and lotsof cables, a connected business phone system utilises your employee’s mobile devices. You can connect your main phone systems to your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobiles as well as your usual table-top handset all via one simple app.

Employees can use the mobile app.

to make and receive calls to their work number from their personal smartphone, as well as benefit from the usual office-based features such as call forwarding, automatic call routing, call transfers, 3-way calling, instant messaging, accessing a customer database and more, all while˜off premise’.

Benefits of using a mobile phone app

1. Keep remote employees connected

Whether you’re a salesman or estate agent out in the field, or perhaps you’re an engineer on a call out, you can keep connected with your colleagues and clients wherever you might be. It is even possible to manage and divert calls via your mobile phone.

2. Excellent call management features

Mobile integrated phone systems are very intuitive and allow you to do everything your traditional phones can do plus much more. With the simple touch of a button you can dial, pick up calls, start 3-way conversations, receive messages and connect your customers to the right staff instantly.

3. Cost efficient

Cloud based phone systems work via an app meaning that all the traditional phone equipment is not necessary. Instead of a dedicated server and miles of cable, all your calls will be moved to the cloud. This is often all for a much lower set-up cost and often lower monthly fees, plus you’ll have a phone system that works anywhere your team may be.

4. Make your phone systems future-proof

Be prepared for business expansion by unifying your business mobile phones to your communication systems. New employees can easily be added to the system, so as your business expands, so does your phone capabilities.

5. Improved efficiency

Mobile apps also enable you to improve efficiency by making use of the available features. You will be able to utilise the right personnel by viewing their availability at a glance, so you can direct calls more easily at the touch of a button. Mobile Apps also allow users to make calls directly from a customer database, saving time trying to locate the right details.

Unify your business communications with Berry Telecom

Business phone systems can work across all your devices allowing you to stay connected with colleagues and clients wherever you are. Berry’s leading business telephone systems ensure your entire communication system is linked up and working together seamlessly. For more information on how you can link your business mobile phones, please get in touch with our expert team.

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