The Benefits of MS Teams integration

Microsoft Teams has become one of the standout pieces of technology that has helped businesses to cope with the Covid19 pandemic. Video conferences andœyou’re on mute!€ has become synonymous with the past 12 months, and this proves the impact that Teams has had on our working lives. The versatility and accessibility of Teams has brought businesses together even when they couldn’t be physically further apart.

Even as businesses return to some sort of normality, many are looking to keep taking advantage of the benefits that Teams offers. Easy video conferencing is a plus point that is hard to ignore. Even when staff are back to their usual ways, the ability to quickly get a face-to-face conversation is invaluable, as is the versatility afforded by Teams’ instant messaging services. It is important that businesses retain access to Unified Communications services like Teams, no matter the situation.

At Berry, we now offer Direct Routing for Teams. This means that you can integrate MS Teams directly into your VoIP phone service. This new functionality acts as an alternative to Microsoft’s existing calling plans and requires no on-site hardware. There are a variety of benefits to Teams integration that you might not yet know about. We’ll use this blog to guide you through them.

Improved Productivity

The versatility that Teams provides allow your staff to work in a far more productive way. As you have likely seen over the past few months, easy access to a variety of communication services massively speeds up the way you work.

Answering customer queries can be accomplished in a much easier way when you can message a colleague in seconds. Teams also features an incredibly intuitive interface, anyone can get to grips with all its features within hours. This makes it the ideal solution for teams looking to bring on new staff.

When you work directly with Teams there is no complex configuration required. Your staff simply install the app on the devices of their choice and away they go.

With Teams integration, your communication and file sharing services are combined into one. Teams comes bundled alongside any existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions your business is currently using. This increases the value for money of both services whilst expanding your collaborative capabilities.

Unified Communications

With Teams integrated into your business communications, both your internal and remote staff have a complete phone system at their disposal. Even when users are outside of the office, you can quickly and easily route calls to their extension when needed. This call is then routed to your colleague through Teams, creating a seamless way to get in touch. There is no audio disruption through direct routing and your customers will not be able to tell the difference.

Teams calls operate over the internet, so all your external workers need for it to be effective is a reliable connection and a subscription to Microsoft 365. This internet-based calling system is also fantastic for security as calls are encrypted through the cloud.

Teams routing is ideal for implementing flexible working plans across your business. It offers your team a way to work that is secure, accessible and works with them no matter the hardware they have available.

Business Continuity

The past year has proven that many businesses require adaptability above all else. If you can’t still carry out your usual processes in a difficult situation, then your operation is constantly at risk. Teams direct routing is a perfect way to guarantee business continuity.

As Teams does not require any hardware to use effectively, you can ensure that your staff can always communicate effectively when their usual equipment is unavailable. Teams features network and number level resilience as well as seamless number porting. This means it is simple to carry your contacts and numbers across when you are working from home.

Why Direct Routing?

Compared to a traditional phone system, Teams is incredible easy and secure to set up and operate. This ease of use, both in the office and at home is invaluable for modern businesses. Having all of your collaboration and communication services at your fingertips no matter where you work is an advantage that can’t be overstated.

Combining your phone system with your collaboration software is an easy way to simplify many of our day-to-day processes and direct routing provides the clearest way to do this. Leaving the hardware behind seems the obvious choice for businesses in a new world defined by remote working and Teams gives you a clear path to achieving this goal.

At Berry we can help you on this journey. Our support team can help with installations, on-boarding and maintenance with your new service. We have years of experience with Microsoft’s range of services and so are in a prime position to help your team. Get in touch to find out more at 0330 222 0332.

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