How to make the most of iPECS ONE’s Collaborative Features

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iPECS ONE is Ericsson LG’s brand new Unified Communication platform. If you know us here at Berry you will know that we have been very big fans of UC services ever since they arrived on the market. iPECS ONE is set to become a dominant force in the UC market due to its accessibility and range of use. With iPECS ONE expanding so rapidly in popularity though, it’s important that everyone has a solid grasp of how to use each of its features.

This is why we have put together this guide highlighting some of the key collaborative features of iPECS ONE. Collaboration is more important for business now than ever before. No matter if teams are working in the office, on the go or at home, they need to be able to reliably stay in contact with their team. Collaboration is central to iPECS ONE, so here is our guide on how to make the best use of this range of features.

1. Keep your team informed

One of the biggest hindrances to successful remote communication is not knowing your team’s availability. Not having this information at your disposal can slow down any collaborative work. iPECS ONE solves this issue with its integrated presence system.

Through the settings panel on the iPECS ONE homepage, you can set your availability with ease. You can let team members know if you are available to call, away from your desk, or busy. You can even set a status message, so your team know what you’re up to. This feature allows you to know at a glance which members of your team are free to help with any particular issue. This can be invaluable for speeding up the remote working process.

2. Use chat effectively

You might take a look at any Unified Communication platform’s instant messaging features and think:œwhat’s the difference between this and the company WhatsApp group?€ The answer is quite a bit, especially in the case of iPECS ONE. Unlike your average social media messenger, iPECS ONE is built for business collaboration.

Starting from initiating a chat, you can use iPECS ONE’s global search feature to pull up anyone’s contact details. This gives you a quick way to get in touch with team member of your choice without having to have any of their contact details stored. This feature even integrates with your customer CRM tool, to make external communications simple as well.

Once you are in a chat a whole range of options are at your disposal. You aren’t limited to sharing text and images, iPECS ONE allows you to attach files too. Your communications are all stored on record if you need them for further reference as well. Once again just use global search to find the information you need.

If you need to escalate your chat to a call or any other form of communication, the chat window is your launching point.

3. Go from chat, to call, to video

From any chat with your teammates, you can quickly escalate to a call if need be. This saves the time spent checking everyone is available or setting up a meeting. This functionality can be incredibly useful when working remotely as it removes a lot of the awkward time spent on organising meetings. You can get in touch with who you need to, when you need to.

Once you are in a call, you can easily share your screen to broadcast content to your team. Through this you can easily collaborate on documents. There is even a whiteboard feature that allows you to annotate work on the fly. If you really need that face-to-face conversation, you can even convert a voice call into a video call. This can be done either from the chat menu, or mid-call.

Quick and easy calls and messages are ideal for collaborating with colleagues. This is not iPECS ONE’s only trick though, it is also ideal for facilitating your external communications as well.

4. Collaborate with anyone

iPECS ONE is designed to be accessible. One of iPECS ONE’s most unique selling points is its integrations with major CRM software as well as Web RTC. These two features mean two things. Firstly, through CRM integrations your team can get information from your customer database provided to you by iPECS ONE when calls come in. You can find out what’s important to each customer and provide a bespoke service.

Web RTC is all about getting in touch with others. If you need to make a call to a customer or someone outside of your business, iPECS ONE allows you to send them a link. This link can be opened in their browser and takes them straight to the call. This means that no downloads and no confusing software has to be installed, they can just get to communicating straight away.

These services combine to create the ultimate collaboration suite. iPECS ONE keeps you informed, gives you a range of ways to chat, share and present information and most importantly of all, makes this information accessible for anyone who you need to see it.

At Berry, we believe that iPECS ONE is the perfect platform to support businesses into the future. To find out what how your business can benefit from this service, get in touch at 0330 222 0332 or visit our website to find out more.

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