How to connect businesses across multiple locations

Now more than ever, we live in a scattered business environment. Whether your team are working across multiple offices or have adopted a remote working policy. The age of the single office is over for many teams. The technology that we work with has to adapt to these changing times, and there is plenty out there to support businesses. Whether you need to communicate with your team or just need to get online a little bit quicker, there’s something out there for you.

Finding the right solution for your team’s individual needs can be tough, there are a range of options and often the right one isn’t obvious. That’s where we come in. Through years in communications, we have learned a few things about keeping teams connected. Here are our picks for the technology that can help you and your team stay connected, wherever you are.

Broadband that helps, rather than hinders

Since the beginning of the first lockdown, businesses have discovered that a subpar broadband service can be a massive hindrance to working effectively. This especially applies to home workers who have had to put their own networks under extraordinary amounts of pressure. From video conferences to keeping essential websites and VPNs running smoothly, we rely on our connectivity services more than many of us realised.

The way to ensure that your broadband never cuts out at an inopportune moment is by investing in a dedicated connection. A business broadband connection will allow your team to stop having to rely on their slow and potentially insecure networks. This guarantees you a high speed solution that can support the heavy lifting that a business network often needs to do. Run websites, host video conferences or even implement a remote sales policy. Whether in your office or your home, business broadband can be surprisingly versatile.

Unified Communications creates a team atmosphere

One of the main downsides from having a business environment that is spread across multiple locations is the loss of easy communication. It is not as simple as quickly popping upstairs to speak to a colleague. Technology has to fill this communicative void for us and the best way to do so is through unified communications.

UC services are a one-stop solution for any of your internal communication needs. Through one app you can send messages, handle calls or host video conferences with anyone from your team. This range of communications gives you more options when it comes to getting in touch with colleagues when you are working away from one another.

At Berry we believe the best way to access the benefits of UC is through iPECS ONE. iPECS ONE is an app launched this year by Ericsson-LG Enterprise. It provides you with one app that handles all of your communications, as well as file sharing and integration with the customer databases and scheduling tools that your business already uses. This solution is the closest you can get to working in the same office as your colleagues. Send a quick message to ask for help with a simple task, or host daily video conferences to keep your team fully in the know.

The versatility of UC services like iPECS ONE goes a long way to bringing back that essential team spirit.

Mobile technology provides flexibility

Software like UC is vital for keeping teams informed and connected, as is strong broadband, but sometimes all your staff need is a device that suits them. The latest smartphones contain everything a user needs to successfully carry out their business communications. This is doubly true when combined with a service like iPECS ONE that is designed to work on smartphones just as well as on a PC.

Business mobiles give teams the flexibility to work anywhere, at anytime. Whether it is in the office, at home or on the go, you can always answer customers and colleagues. A mobile solution is a fantastic way to reduce the number of missed calls you experience as well. For some industries, such as real estate, your staff being able to perform their communications in a professional and effective way while on the go can be the difference between failure and a deal worth thousands. Business mobiles provide you with a way to ensure that professionalism and efficacy. With a service like iPECS ONE, you can even assign your office number to your mobile, which really ties the whole experience together.

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We hope this guide has given you a few ideas on how you can work more effectively while away from the office. If you have any questions about any of the solutions mentioned here, give us a call here at Berry on 0330 222 0332 to find out more. Or visit our website to get a quote:

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