5 Tips for Collaborating with your Team Remotely

By now, we are all used to a flexible way of working. Whether it is only going into the office sporadically or operating our businesses from home full time, the remote working revolution is in full swing. This has impacted a number of the usual processes that are key to successful business. One of the most notable changes that we have made is in the ways we collaborate with our colleagues.

It can be a real struggle to find technology that can adequately replace face-to-face communication with your colleagues. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some top tips to making working from home alongside your colleagues a success. They should hopefully demonstrate some small changes you can make in order to bring your team closer together, even when you couldn’t be further apart.

1. Hold Regular Meetings.

One of the biggest drawbacks to working in a remote environment is the distance it creates between you and your team. It is incredibly easy to end up isolating yourself or members of your team if communication is not prioritised. If your team don’t have a clear line of communication, then mistakes and a general lack of direction will follow.

Reconnect by hosting meetings with your team regularly, preferably with a video conferencing service such as MS Teams. Whether these meetings are company-wide, or on a smaller team basis, it can go a very long way to keeping everyone engaged and boosting morale. Team meetings are also a great tool to reduce confusion and maximise workplace efficiency. Giving your team a clearer schedule is also a great way to boost productivity whilst working from home. It is easy and perfectly natural for remote staff to end up falling out of a good working rhythm. By putting a clear plan in place, and keeping communication open, everyone can work at their best.

2. Utilise Instant Messaging.

One of the most underappreciated tools in any remote team’s arsenal is instant messaging or chat. Similar to regular meetings, they are a great way to help keep your team connected. Instant messaging can also go one step further and help you collaborate in real time during crucial moments.

If you need to get in touch with your team quickly, whether you are dealing with a customer enquiry, working on a technical solution and need a hand, or just checking in, instant messaging is your friend. The best way to equip your entire team with instant messaging is through a Unified Communications system. UC systems allow you to access all of the benefits of your office communications system no matter where you are, on a device of your choice.

The advantages of messaging through UC instead of social media are based around the fact that UC is built with business in mind. This allows you to keep records of your most important messages. It also works alongside click-to-call features that let you speak the people you need to, whenever you need them.

To find out more about Unified Communications, take a look at our website: https://www.berrytelecom.co.uk/unified-communications

3. Get the most out of your mobiles.

One of the obvious solutions for staying in touch with your colleagues whilst working remotely is to turn to your mobile. We use our mobiles for business now more than ever, but are you getting the most from your device?

With a Cloud based phone system, you can access all the features of your office phone system from your mobile. Make customer calls, video chat with your team or send instant messages; you can do everything through your mobile. Your UC system also works well here, allowing you to do all of these things through one simple app.

For more about business mobiles, read this:


4. Collaborate cost-effectively.

All of these tips sound great, but we also understand if you have cost concerns. Thankfully making use of Cloud tools such as UC can actually save you money. Working from home using your landline or home broadband connection can rack up charges quickly. Calling over the internet is far cheaper. You can even make international calls with ease using VoIP. Working from home doesn’t have to simply be an exercise in cost-cutting, though. The new tools provided to help teams to reconnect also happen to save them money.

5. Make life easy for your team.

We’ve all had to adapt to working from home in different ways. With such a stark change to our working environment, it is only natural that individuals will find ways of working that suit them best. The best way to accommodate them is by finding a one-size-fits-all approach to collaboration and communication. There are plenty of ways that technology can make life easier for your remote staff. This could mean using a Unified Communications solution that allows them to work on a device that works for them. Or perhaps deploying business mobiles that facilitate working in a more flexible environment.

We hope these tips have helped to show just some of the ways that employing the right technology in the right ways can have a great knock-on effect on the productivity and morale of your remote workers. For more information, give us a call here at 0333 006 3091.

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