The Surprising Versatility of Business CCTV

Security is one of the most important things that businesses had to consider during 2020. Last year, so many of us were working from home that the security of our business premises had to be called into question. This is where CCTV services came in handy, providing business owners with the peace of mind that was so needed during lockdown and throughout the year.

We learned, though, that CCTV cameras are for far more than just catching crooks. There are so many uses that they have brought to teams that allow them to get on with their lives that little bit more easily. From ensuring safety standards are met, to little conveniences, we thought it would be worth listing all of the helpful, and sometimes surprising ways that a new security camera system can benefit your business.

Staying Secure

Ok, this one is obvious. The clue is in the name security camera, but it is worth mentioning. Police claim that if a property is equipped with CCTV equipment, then there is a massive increase in theft and property damage cases being solved. The primary use of these cameras in a security sense though is as a deterrent. Car parks with CCTV cameras equipped reported a 51% decrease in crime, and similar statistics exist for business properties too.

This deterrent can give you some genuine peace of mind, and the ability to check the status of your cameras whenever you feel like it is seriously liberating. At Berry we supply Hikvision systems that send you an alert through your mobile if something out of the ordinary is happening, so you don’t need to keep checking. You deserve to feel safe in your office and outside it and having a high-quality security system ensures that you do.

Ensuring Safety & Standards

Especially in the age of Covid-19, businesses have to be on the top of their game when it comes to ensuring workplace safety. If someone falls ill and claims that proper social distancing or hygiene procedures were not being followed, then businesses could end up losing thousands. CCTV cameras allow you to demonstrate that all of the proper procedures are being adhered to. Of course, this also applies outside of a pandemic as well, and you can make sure that proper health and safety standards are being observed everywhere.

Our Hikvision cameras even come complete with thermal imaging capabilities. So, you can unobtrusively scan the temperature of anyone who enters the premise in less than half a second, to ensure that everyone stays safe.

This extends to more than just safety too. Some industries often need to prove that certain standards are followed during their everyday processes, such as those in manufacturing. Having a camera system at your disposal means you can prove that all the right things happened. Even if you choose not to monitor your cameras 99% of the time, they still provide you with a guarantee of protection if something does go wrong. This allows you to focus on what matters to your business and deal with challenges simply, if ever they arise.

Little Conveniences

So far, we have only discussed the most important and serious applications of business CCTV solutions, but it is also worth mentioning some of the little quality-of-life changes that they bring to you and your team.

The first of these is just the ability to check what is going on in and outside of your premise. This sounds simple, and it is, but it can provide some really nice benefits. You can quickly check if someone put the bins out, or even find out who collected that parcel that you were expecting. Sometimes it’s the little utilities that make the big differences and this is one that we have noticed comes in handy very often.

We hope that this host of benefits have demonstrated just how effective a CCTV solution can be in keeping your team safe and secure. Whether it is to deter criminals, ensure safety requirements are being followed or just check up on the little things, CCTV can provide a huge amount of utility and convenience to any team. We mean it when we say that they can give your team some genuine peace of mind.

For this reason, at Berry, we have partnered with Hikvision to provide high-quality security solutions to businesses across the UK. We can cover any premise, making sure that we give you a customised system that fits the specific needs of your premise. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch. We’ll book you a site survey and help you find the camera service for you.

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