How Cloud Collaboration is Keeping the Business World in Touch

Approaching the end of 2020, the world of business has seen a massive shake-up of almost everything we do. Every process has had to be rethought in one way or another, from the way we work together to the way we handle our customer service. The rise of remote working has meant that the technology we use has taken an even greater role in our businesses, and many older devices are just not up to the challenge anymore.

Cloud communication services were on the rise before this year. Many teams were switching to them due to their cost benefits and others saw them as a great way to provide a feature rich experience without the hassle of traditional systems. 2020 has led to an explosion in the rate of Cloud adoption, with many providers seeing huge demand for Cloud services. This trend looks set to continue.

But what features of Cloud systems make them so desirable in this modern business environment? We’re here to show just how Cloud systems can benefit your team’s communications both now and moving forward into the years to come.

Making Flexible Remote Working a Reality

The chances are that you’ve had to spend some time working from home this year instead of the office, or your normal working location. If you have, you may have seen some of the limitations that a lack of an effective phone system can bring. These range from not being able to see comprehensive stats on how individual calls are being handled to not being able to maintain a decent connection to a customer or colleague, or, disastrously, missing calls entirely. All of these things can be seriously detrimental, if not devastating, to your business.

Cloud systems can rectify this easily; all they need is an internet connection to work effectively. You can handle calls through your deskphone, mobile, or PC; these systems provide true versatility with the call quality to match. This level of reliability in any situation has cemented Cloud and VoIP phone services as the backbone of business communications for years to come.

Features that Bring Peace of Mind

Cloud systems like ours come with a huge amount of call handling features that allow your team to thrive and work effectively, even if you can’t be in the same room together. Managers can see useful analytics relating to call duration, time left on hold and even calls that were left unanswered. This provides a new level of visibility and can have a great impact on how you deal with any of the customer service processes your business relies on.

Monitoring your team’s success in calls easily through your Cloud system means you can better collaborate on how to improve your customer processes moving forward. It also means that you can solve any disputes and protect your colleagues should the need arise. These features allow you to better control your business communications, no matter where your team are working from. A high number of features combined with the ability to access them anywhere is a benefit that can’t be overstated moving into the future.

Limitless Functionality

One of the biggest reasons that people are adopting Cloud systems so heavily right now is because of the drawbacks they have discovered with their existing on-premise systems. On-premise solutions are reliable and provide a solid range of features for businesses to make use of, but in recent months their shortcomings have been made increasingly apparent.

The inherent portability of a cloud solution is a massive plus compared to the static phone systems many of us are used to. A lack of heavy equipment is a huge benefit to any team that wants to work more easily on the go. This is not even to mention the massive cost benefit that is brought to many teams, that can be genuinely invaluable in the current economic climate.

Finally, for lack of a better term, a Cloud phone system just works. Whether it is working alongside the latest handsets or any other device your business uses or integrating with the latest apps, your business processes will run smoothly wherever you are. Our VoIP systems work alongside Outlook, Teams and a whole range of other scheduling and productivity tools, so your business can operate effectively no matter the situation.

If your business is looking for a new communication system to support your team into 2021 and beyond, then a Cloud solution seems to be the best way forward. From providing new ways to get in contact with your team on the go, to a comprehensive feature base, all of your needs are met by these systems.

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