Berry named as preferred telecoms provider to National Body Repair Association

The National Body Repair Association (NBRA) has been searching for a telecoms provider for their members, one that supply the features and functionality which are specific to their needs. Having explored the market, Berry Telecom was chosen as the preferred supplier not only for what its products can do, but also for the level of ongoing support is can provide to its’ members.

The NBRA was established in 2017 as a result of a merger of two former associations the National Association of Bodyshops and the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association. The NBRA is the only trade association for car body repairs in the UK and currently has around 700 members.

Berry Telecom was created in 2011 and has extensive experience providing its systems to companies within the automobile sector. NBRA members can now benefit from free UK calls when they choose Berry, which in some instances will mean that a brand-new phone system won’t necessarily cost more than their current spend.

Berry Co-Owner Simon Langford said:

“We’re thrilled to have been chosen by the NBRA to offer our services to their members. We’re looking forward to working with the association and providing solutions specifically catered for their needs. We have a lot of experience in this sector so will be able to add value to every project. Our mission will be to introduce cost savings and building efficiency into their businesses.”

In response to the new agreement, New Business Manager Peter Eden from the NBRA added:

“We believe we have found a really great company that can provide our members with exactly the right sort of telephony platform for their business. The team at Berry bring to the table a wealth of telephony knowledge specifically in our industry, so we look forward to seeing the benefits being realised by our members. We have confidence in Berry to not only provide outstanding telephony platforms, but also to support our members and their phone systems into the future.”

For NBRA members wishing to discuss their telephony needs, they can contact the Berry team either by email or by calling 01722 435126. To qualify for free UK calls, please advise of yourNBRA membership. You can view Berry’s brochure for NBRA members here.

Useful Features

The below features were highlighted as those most useful to NBRA members.

Call Recording

Berry’s Call Recording solution allows repair shops to recall conversations with customers and insurance companies so that they can clarify what exactly was agreed. Call Recording is invaluable for issue resolution and can help companies to avoid wasting time and money. Berry’s Call Recording solution also has the benefit of AES encryption which means it is fully GDPR compliant.

Call Reporting

Berry’s Call Reporting software helps managers to keep track of missed calls, ensuring that no loss of business occurs as a result of a missed call. Managers and owners will have clear visibility of high volume call periods, which helps them to make decisions about how best to handle these to ensure best levels of customer service.

On Hold Marketing Messages

For businesses Berry can arrange a bespoke script coupled with the right music and voice. On hold marketing is a great way to talk about a company’s new products and services or to communicate a new process that affects customers.

Database Integration

As Berry’s system fully integrates with most client databases, businesses can see who is calling and therefore what vehicle the call is regarding before the it is answered. Businesses can also dial directly from their database which avoids calling incorrect numbers and therefore saving valuable time.

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