Why is business broadband becoming essential?

The modern business needs a reliable internet connection, and in the age of remote working this is statement is truer than ever. There are so many areas of business where broadband is crucial to your operation running smoothly that it can be disastrous to neglect. With more and more business processes being moved online, from sales, to tech support, to customer relations, it’s imperative that your broadband can remain up to the task.

At Berry we’ve seen the challenges that the rise of remote work has brought for businesses, and staying connected with both customers and colleagues is a huge part of this. We’ve compiled this guide of everything you need to know about why business broadband is so essential, how your team could find it useful, and which service is right for your team.

What is Business Broadband?

Business broadband is an umbrella term that covers any broadband connection designed specifically with a company in mind, rather than a place of residence. It works by providing your business with a dedicated broadband line that only your team can use. These solutions range from a standard ADSL broadband connection, similar to the ones you use at home, to higher capacity ADSL connections all the way up to superfast fibre.

The uses of business broadband are mainly built around reliability and consistency. If there is high data usage in your area, your connection may falter, and this is especially true when you’re having to rely on your home network. With business broadband, you’re always top of the queue, meaning your connection is not tied to the usage of others.

At Berry we offer a range of business broadband solutions providing a variety of capacities and speeds to suit any team, all on 12-month contracts. Take a look at our site for more information about our services.


Why a strong Broadband connection is essential and where can it be useful for your team?

There are many elements of your business where a strong connection is needed, especially now. One of the biggest benefits can come in the form of facilitating better remote work. Video conferencing is now an integral part of the way we work but requires a consistent broadband connection to work effectively. If someone in your area is using a lot of data, then your connection can be severely affected. Having a robust broadband connection that prioritises you negates this risk.

A business broadband connection can bring businesses closer together. If you have multiple premises, then a strong data connection facilitates easy communication and collaboration between them. Our reliable and superfast connections save you time when you need to share work with colleagues and saves you money by allowing you to deal with customer issues quickly.

Customer service is one of the biggest areas of your business that can benefit from a consistent broadband connection. Your team need to be able to handle all of their customer service processes without any downtime. There is nothing that appears more unprofessional than being on a call and having everything end unexpectedly due to a poor signal. Our fibre connections especially make sure that no matter how much data people around you are using, you will always maintain a strong signal.

How to find the right business broadband service for your team?

With all of the choices available to businesses, it can be difficult to know which broadband solution works best for them. We offer 3 great solutions tailored for businesses of any size and scale.

  • ADSL This broadband is similar to the kind you use at home. It provides consistent speeds and we work with the best providers in your area to make sure you get a great deal. This is great for businesses who need to have a consistent connection but don’t need to carry out too many bandwidth taxing processes, such as video calls or maintaining VPNs.
  • Business ADSL A higher speed ADSL connection tailored specifically for businesses, this will provide you with a higher capacity than you would have at home, perfect for teams who need to make a large amount of calls every day. Great for small to medium sized businesses, shops and other high street locations.
  • Business fibre For the highest speeds, fibre is the best internet money can buy, providing high speed connections, perfect for businesses that have team members and customers online at all times. This connection is ideal for restaurants, cafes and offices, and is necessary for teams that need to run business critical systems online.

At Berry, we offer all three of these services on 12-month contracts. We’ll guide you through installing and maintaining your broadband and are always on hand to support your team with their connectivity. Get in touch with our team today on 0330 222 0332 and find out more about how to bring a powerful broadband service to your team.

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