How a Cloud Phone System can Save you Money

Communications can be a big expense for businesses, but only if they are done wrong. If your business is still relying on a traditionally hosted phone system, then you already know about the steep costs that installing and maintaining a comprehensive solution can bring. From transporting and storing massive servers in the office, to adding new lines for any users that need to be put onto the system, there are a whole world of hidden costs and difficulties that come with installing outdated ISDN and other similar phone systems.

Thankfully, there is a new way to handle communications, and that is through the cloud. Cloud hosted telephone systems handle your calls through a virtual cloud platform rather than through a server that you host inside your premises. This comes with a variety of benefits, such as portability and giving you access to a range of new features but arguably the biggest benefit that a cloud phone service brings is its ability to save you money.

Cloud phones save you money by bringing more flexibility to every aspect of your business, this can be seen in many ways, some of which might not be clear at first. So, let us take you through all of the expenses your business can cut through by taking your communications to the cloud.


Installation and Maintenance:

This one may be obvious, but definitely worth mentioning as it saves you a lot of time as well as money. With a cloud hosted phone system, there is no hardware to worry about. Gone are the days of having to carry a massive server into your office, paying for expensive housing and worrying about maintaining it. Hosting over the cloud means we do it all for you. Our data centres are highly secure and resilient, guaranteeing that your service won’t be impacted by not having your server on site.

Traditional on-site systems quickly get expensive, and these high initial expenses can be a massive drain on businesses. Cloud systems come with far lower upfront costs and so reflect a lot better on your business’ bottom line.


Scalable Upgrades

If you are part of a growing business, you know how important it is to get new users up and running quickly. With a traditional on-site system this is not always possible; lines can take a long time to install and it can also be extremely expensive to equip a whole new location. These worries don’t exist when your communications are operating over the cloud.

Cloud Hosted systems operate on a pay as you go basis, so you only pay for the lines you need at any time. This means that your communications are truly scalable. If you need to add a new user to the system, you can get them set up quickly and easily without having to worry about hardware. Even if you are setting up many new users at once or changing premise, a cloud system allows you to get going quickly, whilst making huge savings on lines, maintenance and support.



With our cloud platform you don’t just get a comprehensive communication service, you also gain peace of mind. If you are still relying on an outdated on-site system, then downtime may be an accepted part of your communications process. Downtime is never good for your bottom line, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Cloud systems are not only incredibly reliable but if the worst does happen, they offer great disaster recovery services.

If your office phone service does go down for any reason, you can easily reroute your calls to any device of your choice, from your laptop to your mobile. So, you can keep communicating with customers and colleagues, and stop losing money to downtime.


Even More Features

Cloud phone systems come with even more features that not only help your team to improve their communications but also generate more profit. Call recording and analytics are easy to access through our cloud platform. These tools help you to bring your customer retention up by allowing you to work with your team to better refine your call process.

Operating your calls through the cloud opens up a whole range of new flexible ways to work. Take all the functionality of your phone system with you no matter where you are working. Your team are no longer tied down by their office phone system. Being able to work at your best in any location can be a massive boost to productivity and profit.


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