How to Boost Collaboration Between your Remote Staff

With the rise of remote working, there are many elements of our usual working lives that are at risk of becoming things of the past. Theœwater cooler culture€ is one of these elements, and businesses are finding it more and more challenging to keep their staff connected. Right now, you may be asking why this matters.

The fact is, maintaining a good sense of collaboration throughout your business is a great thing for both your staff and the prosperity of the business as a whole. The question is, how can you create a collaborative work environment when your team can’t be in the office together? At Berry, we think the answer lies in making the best use of technology.

We have put together a quick guide about how your business can use technology to bridge the gap between your remote workers and create an environment that supports collaboration.

What is the best way for remote workers to stay in touch?

Keeping in touch with remote staff sounds like a simple task, but in reality it can be a bit more challenging. Without the proper tools you never really know who is available to talk at any given time.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to amend this. One of the best methods is through using a Unified Communications service. UC systems come with a presence system that allows you to display your status on an easy to use interface that your whole team can see. Whether you are away from your desk, on a call, or ready to collaborate, you can quickly and easily let your team know.

Unified Communications can be installed simply on many devices, so no matter how your staff chooses to work, with a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can always keep people up to date.

If you’re considering picking up a Unified Communications service, take a look at our platform. We can build a system for you that meets all of your team’s needs.

How can remote worker collaboration benefit your business?

You might be wondering exactly where remote collaboration may come in handy. After all, for many roles as long as your staff are working productively, they don’t necessarily need to be interacting with their colleagues. In practice though, it isn’t that simple.

Teamwork is central to making every role in your business run as smoothly as possible, and technology can facilitate this. If your tech team need to deal with an urgent query, they can use the instant messaging features provided by Unified Communications to easily exchange information to resolve the issue quickly, keeping everyone happy.

Similarly, being able to check in with your whole team at the start or the end of the week is a great way to strategise and plan your approach. Planning with your team is a great way to innovate and keep everyone feeling happy, but you need to make sure you have the right video conferencing service.

The benefit of keeping remote workers connected is that it helps them to remain engaged, productive and happy. This has a knock-on effect on everything from your customer service to your future innovations.

What pieces of technology will a remote worker need?

We know that every business is different, and we know that every person in your business has individual needs. However, there are some pieces of technology that we think can universally improve the remote working experience. One of these is the Unified Communications systems that we discussed earlier; this platform keeps all of your office communication services in one easily accessible place. So, no matter where your team are working, they can communicate effectively on a device of their choice.

Of course, the most important way for your team to stay in touch is through their phone system and we think the most flexible solution for home staff would be a VoIP system. VoIP phones provide incredible call quality and operate over the internet so you can plug them in just about anywhere. This means they have the quality and versatility to work well for anyone in your business.

Finally, a very large part of our modern business communications is done over our mobiles. Your team needs to have a business mobile contract that works for them and allows them to carry out tasks as effectively on the go as they can in the office. Thankfully, at Berry we have a whole range of contracts and a wide selection of the latest handsets for you to choose from.

You should bear in mind though that the best smartphone for personal use might not be the best device for business, so speak to our team on 0330 222 0332 and we can guide you through the process.

Hopefully, this has shown the importance of keeping your remote staff well equipped and the benefits that having an effective remote working plan can have for your business. If you are interested by the prospect of one of our VoIP phone systems, then check out our system builder, and if you have any questions then we’re always here to help.

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