Office or Home working? Here’s how your business communications can help.

In the past few months, we’ve all had to adapt to a new, flexible way of working. Many companies have had to update their approach to home working or have had to create whole new flexible arrangements. Communications are a huge part of making the remote working process run smoothly and at Berry we’ve seen many issues that have arisen from companies that aren’t prepared.

Many teams are returning to the office now and others are working with a combination of remote and office work. As such, our communications systems need to be more adaptable than ever and that’s where we can help. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the features that your business could use to help benefit staff both at home and in the office, so you can keep everyone connected.


Tools to keep remote workers working at their best:


1.    Unified Communications

Unified Communications services are designed with flexible working in mind. They allow your team to optimise their personal devices so they can access all of the tools from their office whilst they are working from home. By integrating all of the functionality of your office phone system into one app, your remote staff are equipped for any situation.

UC services also feature a mobile app, meaning you can provide your remote staff with true versatility. No matter if you’re working at home or even on the go, being able to work with the same range of functionality on your mobile as in the office is a real saviour for remote staff. UC apps even let you display your office phone number when calling from your mobile, so there are no disadvantages to working from your own device.


2.    Digital Presence

This one is really another feature of Unified Communications, but it is useful enough to deserve a note for itself. Digital presence is a feature of UC that allows staff to set their status on your UC app; whether you are away, on a call or available to talk. This means that those in the office can see which of their remote colleagues are around to collaborate or take a call at any time. 75% of UC users have reported that they have been more productive since working from home and being able to communicate efficiently is a huge part of that.


3.    Video Conferencing

When you can’t be in the office, video conferencing is the next best thing. Many teams have even found that video chats are more productive than a physical meeting in many situations. Sales teams often waste a huge amount of time on travel before any meeting even occurred. With video conferencing this doesn’t happen; you can literally go from one meeting to the next.

One of the big problems people have found with the sudden switch to remote work is the lack of human collaboration that they would have found in the office. Video conferencing goes a long way to alleviating this sense of isolation.


These are a great selection of services that any remote worker should have in their arsenal. With these tools your staff should be able to work just as efficiently at home as they do in the office. To make your communications truly flexible though, your office workers should be just as well equipped.


Services to keep your office staff working at their best:


1.    Call Forwarding/Disaster Recovery

Being able to work effectively in any situation is absolutely essential for the modern business. Downtime can be disastrous, so its important that you stay prepared. Equipping your team with one of our cloud phone systems means you gain access to advanced disaster recovery systems. These allow you to forward calls from your office phone to any device of your choice should something go wrong, ensuring your team is always ready to communicate.


2.    Instant Messaging

The modern workforce communicates in many different ways, but one method that is really on the rise is instant messaging. Especially among younger people, calling is out, and SMS is in. Keeping your business up to date is easy though; a UC app includes instant messaging functionality built in as standard, meaning you can quickly and easily reach colleagues, no matter if they are working in the office or elsewhere. This is more than just texting though; your instant messaging service can keep a record of messages sent so you can refer back to them later.


3.    Stats and Analytics

To keep your business running as effectively as possible, you need to understand the full picture. Our phone systems come with useful analytics built in, so you can study call performance from both your office and remote workforce to find areas to improve on. This service can be absolutely vital for improving efficiency and just generally keeping everything running smoothly. Analytics software means you can consistently improve on your communication processes, no matter if your team is working in the office or not.


We are living in unpredictable times, so being able to get peace of mind across different areas of your business can be vital. Providing your team with the best tools for communication, whether they are working in the office, from home, or a mixture of the two is a guaranteed way to keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

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