How To Get the Most out of Your Business Mobiles

Mobile phones are the standout piece of technology from the 21st century and for good reason. They enrich our daily lives and make just about everything more convenient. It seems like a no brainer then, to integrate the use of mobile phones into your business but this can often be more challenging than it first appears.

Supporting the use of mobiles for business has to be done in an organised way if you want to make the most of this technology, and this is best done through a business mobile contract. Having a contract that supplies your team with high quality mobiles as part of your existing business phone network is both cost-effective and easy to manage, as all of your telephony solutions are included on one bill.

Once your team is equipped with their mobiles there are some steps you can take in order to truly make the most of this technology, here are the key things you need to do in order to get the most out of your business mobiles, and boost your team’s productivity.

Connect Your Mobile with Your Office Phone System

This step seems simple, but it really is the best way to get the most functionality out of a business mobile. By using an app such as UCS, your team can connect their mobile phone to the rest of their office phone system. The obvious benefit for your team here is that you can access the same range of communication tools that you would have in the office no matter where you are. This also allows you to better streamline your communications with both customers and colleagues, as you will have the same number for both your office and mobile system.

Connecting your mobile with your office system also allows you to be better prepared should something go wrong, if your office phone system goes offline, your customer service would not have to suffer if you can carry on communicating on your mobile. The arrival of the 5G mobile network will also help any kind of mobile communication to be just as reliable as even a traditional landline. Similarly, cloud storage means that if your mobile is damaged or lost, your data is backed up and safe, if your mobile is connected to the rest of your communications hardware.

Promote Flexible Working

One of the best-known advantages to having your work accessible via mobile is the option to facilitate a flexible working environment. If your team has access to the same range of communication services on a mobile as they would in the office, then realistically they can work anywhere that suits them.

This has great benefits when it comes to staff morale as it allows them to manage their time better. The Covid19 crisis showed that working from home can be a very viable option for many teams, so if in the future unfortunate circumstances should prevent someone from reaching the office, then working remotely using their mobile can be a great solution.

Providing the means for your team to work whilst on the go can also be crucial and being able to communicate in an efficient and convenient manner whilst travelling can be a huge boost for teams. By having access to the full range of your office’s communication platform, your business mobile solution can easily allow this.

Take Advantage of All the Features

Business mobiles come bundled with a large number of features that go beyond just making and receiving calls, it is important to know how to utilise all of these features and put them to best use throughout your team.

  • Video conferencing allows your team members to join meetings and collaborate with the rest of your business no matter where they are. In sales, video conferencing is also a great way to build up a face-to-face relationship with a potential customer, especially if you are unable to meet in person.
  • Being able to access your email on your phone seems simple but can be crucial to your business’ effectiveness if you are struggling with broadband or are having computer issues.
  • SMS services offer the fastest way to keep in touch with colleagues when you’re on the go.

These features are enhanced even more if your business invests in a Unified Communications system alongside your business mobiles. Unified Communications connects your office and mobile phone networks and allows you to access all of your communications services in one easy to use app. This service is fantastic for remote workers or any business that wants to help their team to foster a positive environment of collaboration.

Business mobiles can be used to compliment any business’ communication system. If you want to provide your team with the best opportunity to seamlessly connect with a full range of communication services, wherever they are, then business mobiles are the solution for you.

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