How Remote Workers can benefit from Unified Communications in 2020

Now more than ever, remote working is becoming the norm for many businesses. People greatly appreciate the flexibility that comes with being able to work in an environment that suits them, and studies show that being able to work remotely leads to increases in both staff morale and productivity.

It seems then that remote working is here to stay, but many teams are recognising that without the proper tools, issues can arise when staff can’t stay in contact with each other due to not working in the office. Remote staff often have issues communicating effectively with customers and colleagues and unreliable personal devices can also prove troublesome. This is where Unified Communications can help.

Unified Communications services have been on the rise in recent years and for good reason. They provide a platform that lets you keep all of your business’ communication channels in one place. From calls to emails to instant messaging, if you need to get in contact with anyone inside or outside of your business, you can do it easily through a UC system.

These platforms allow you to access your business communication applications on any device, but do they provide real benefits to remote workers? Yes, actually, and here’s why.

The real benefits of unified communications for remote workers come under four categories. These are the ability to maintain presence, the ability to collaborate quickly and easily, being able to better utilise personal devices and having access to a wider range of communication methods.

This sounds like a lot, and there is a lot to discuss here but if your team plans on implementing a remote working policy, or enhancing the one you already have, these are the uses that a unified communications system could provide for you.

Maintain Presence Throughout Your Team

The ability to maintain presence simply means that with a UC system in place, remote staff can see which other team members are available to take a call or are free to collaborate. This also works vice-versa, and staff who are still in the office can see which remote workers are free to call or help customers.

This seems simple in concept but it can have massive benefits to productivity. By having access to a system allowing remote workers to easily see which colleagues they can communicate with, it allows them to better integrate with their team as a whole as everybody knows who is available to assist them at any time.

Collaborate Quickly and Easily

Allowing easy collaboration is one of a unified communication system’s biggest selling points, and for good reason. With access to voice calls, video conferencing and instant messaging all in one easy-to-use app, UC aims to offer the same range of collaborative functionality workers would expect to find in their office, on any device. The benefits to remote workers in this case are fairly self-explanatory. Having access to a whole range of communication channels on a device that suits you whilst working remotely is an absolute dream for team members who desire a flexible work environment, yet UC still allows them to communicate with customers and colleagues effectively.

Optimise Personal Devices When Working Remotely

A common problem faced by remote workers is the limitations brought on them by their own personal devices. Whether down to hardware limitations or connection issues from troublesome broadband, your devices at home never end up being quite as effective as those in your office. A unified communications solution can help here, by integrating many communication platforms into one app that you can install on your own device, you can take the functionality of the office home with you.

A UC system is reliable and allows remote workers to consistently access the communication tools they need, on any device that they choose.

Gain Access to a Wider Range of Communication Methods

In a modern business there is often a balance that needs to be found between mobility and functionality. On one hand workers have an increasing need to be able to work whilst on the go, however the apps that facilitate mobile working are often not as functional as those that you can find in the office. A good example of this is video conferencing, which can be a nightmare when you don’t have access to the right technology or are relying on a poor connection.

A good unified communication solution will also come with its own mobile app, giving you access to the same communication technology whilst on the go as you would expect in the office. A UC solution combines voice, video and messaging in one place to greatly reduce the issues that can arise when you want to communicate on the go.

A unified communications system can have a myriad of benefits for businesses and especially for remote workers in the current world, but it is understandable that you could still have reservations about what it could do for your team.

We would be happy to provide information, demonstrations of how UC systems operate and training to support the implementation of UC into your business. Just give us a call!

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