Berry Telecom pledges their support for little JJ

Over the years Berry Telecom has supported many worthwhile charities through staff fund raising activities and sponsorship. In 2018, Berry decided to get behind a cause that it felt had a similar hardworking ethos to its own. Berry has always had a culture of helping those that are already helping themselves through hard work and determination. One such cause stood out to Berry and so the Board of Directors got their heads together to see how they could help to make a difference.

The cause Berry chose to support, is a little girl called JJ. Berry Co-founder Simon Langford, at the beginning of the year heard about a local Southampton family that were working extremely hard to cope in a difficult situation. Simon and The Board believed Berry could drive an initiative that would enable this family to adapt their home making day-to-day life that little bit easier.

Marie Morris-Eales has a daughter JJ, who at the age of two became unwell and was admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, where she stayed for a few weeks in an induced coma, whilst they tried to figure out what had happened to her. However, once they had decided to wake her from her induced state, she was a forever changed little girl. The seizure had left her with brain atrophy along with other complications and this has meant that she is no longer able to sit unaided, walk or talk like she used to.

After many difficult years, Marie re-married and she now lives with her two daughters her husband and three step-daughters. Marie (now an NHS volunteer and an Emergency Care Assistant for the South Central Ambulance) and her husband (who is a full time carer for all the children) are working round-the-clock caring for JJ, their other daughters, and to raise funds to extend their two-bedroom house. They would like JJ to have a bedroom upstairs with the rest of the family, rather than downstairs on her own. They would also like some additional space so that the other four girls don’t all have to share a single bedroom.

The Berry Sales team have led the way in fund raising for this family by donating a portion of the profit of each phone system sold. The funds raised with enable the family to install a lift in their home so that as JJ grows, her mum can get her safely to bed each night.

Simon said: “We feel really lucky to be able to make such a positive contribution to the Morris-Eales family life. It goes to show what you can do when you have a great team behind you who will pull together when someone’s in need.”

If you’d like to support JJ and her family, you can donate via her Just Giving page here.

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