How will GDPR affect your business phone system?

With the compliance deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) round the corner, it’s timely to check that your phone system will meet the criteria for the amendment to the existing data protection legislation.

The new legislation will impact your existing phone system in 3 main areas:

    1. Contact Information


Phone systems need to ensure the contact information they hold are GDPR ready in that the platform should support a level of encryption. Berry’s systems meet the recommended level of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

    1. Call Logs


Protecting personal information also includes any call logs that are held, even if they are held without any other personal information such as the person’s or business’s name. Call logs also need to use AES encryption.

    1. Call Recording/Voicemail


All call recordings and voicemails need to be encrypted. Businesses that wish to record called will be required to justify legality, by demonstrating one of six conditions (refer to Berry’s GDPR document here for full details).

Berry’s Office Phone Systems – GDPR ReadyBerry’s Ericsson-LG iPECS small business phone systems will be GDPR ready in time for the compliance deadline of 25th May 2018. Berry is contacting customers where software and hardware upgrades are necessary.

Find out more about GDPR and how it could affect your telephone system with our GDPR Guide here.


Please note the guide only covers a generic view of key GDPR issues and those that relate to Berry Telecom’s systems.

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