Luxury London store William & Son chooses Berry

Located in London’s Mayfair district, William & Son has a particular and definitively British take on the finest things in life. Founded in 1999 by William Asprey, a seventh generation member of the Asprey family, the company creates and curates collections of the finest jewellery and timepieces, leather goods and silver and glassware as well as kit and tackle for elegant penmanship and gamesmanship. So when the exclusive luxury department store contacted Berry Telecom to find out more about its phone system offering, it was excited about the prospect of being able to partner with such a prestigious brand.

Berry was recommended to William & Son by a business associate, this gave the store the confidence to progress discussions knowing that Berry has a reputation for providing a trusted and reliable service.

William & Son had a particularly unique set of needs for its phone system so the first step was for one of Berry’s Director’s Simon Langford to get a really good understanding of the business and its needs. Simon met with the store’s executive team; William Asprey (store founder), John Hicks (Financial Director) and Tim Cooper (Director) to get a clear idea of their requirements. Simon was then able to highlight the relevant features and potential cost-savings of his recommended Samsung solution. Berry’s approach is to avoid the use of jargon, so that clients can clearly understand the details of the system benefits available.

William & Son realised it had a requirement for a new phone system when it undertook a significant relocation project. The store was moving from premises with under 3,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and with 25 employees to a new location with over 8,000 sq. ft. of space and 43 employees. Its previous phone system was over 15 years old, was outdated and had limited functions. Not only was a new more advanced system required, but the team at William & Son also needed to source the right expertise and knowledge to ensure the system could be rolled out to staff effectively and that the installation would have no impact on customer experience.

Berry firmly believed that its suite of Samsung products would enable William & Son to more easily and efficiently connect with and serve its discerning customer base. It was very apparent that William & Son not only has a passion for providing the highest quality products but also to provide a unique level of service which has helped it to gain an international reputation, a Royal Warrant and a loyal clientele.

Berry presented a detailed proposal which included the business phone system, a range of complementary mobile phones and a fully comprehensive support package. About Berry’s proposal William & Son Director Tim Cooper said:

“Not only was there the prospect of very meaningful cost savings which appealed, but in particular, the fact that all of our telecom issues would in future be dealt with by one entity which was clearly very qualified to manage our needs.”

Previously William & Son had to deal with various large, and in its opinion, faceless organisations to resolve any telecoms issues. Finally it was looking forward to having everything under one roof with Berry. When Tim was asked for feedback regarding the installation process, he commented:

“Berry’s attention to detail was excellent, and we always felt in safe experienced hands. In spite of external issues not of its making, it kept to its planned programme, and everything was in place just when we needed it. Very impressive.”

The Samsung system and complementary range of iPhones has worked well for William & Son who has found the comprehensive set of features very useful for its business. But aside from the physical phone system, William & Son described one of the greatest advantages being the day-to-day support it receives from Berry, from its’ Directors and their teams. A strong working relationship has developed between the two companies, William & Son has said that no query or problem has been too small not to be dealt with immediately, which has been comforting. In particular, William & Son has found the remote connection feature impressive in helping it to resolve any issues.

When William & Son was asked if it would recommend Berry to fellow businesses, Director Tim Cooper said:

“Most definitely. Berry is a company that cares about its customers, and provides a first class service to ensure that everything is working as it should, in what is now a very technical field.”

Today, Berry continues to support William & Son as its team of staff and telephony needs grow. The two companies retain a strong working relationship, it’s this partnership approach that enables Berry to more proactively prepare for any technical changes to the William & Son system and therefore hopefully provide the store with a service level similar to what it offers its own customers.

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