On Hold Marketing

Berry Telecom have some great cost-effective ways to market your business to your customers. From just £17.99 per month our marketing on hold service could be helping your customers to understand your offering, retain confidence in your brand and also spend more. On-hold marketing (or MOH) takes place when customers call your business, and are waiting on the phone to speak to a member of your staff team.

According to research more that 68% of customers spend more than 1 minute on hold, and it naturally found that people are happier to wait when they are listening to music or a helpful message. On Hold Marketing from Berry Telecom can include a welcome message spoken by a professional voice artist, which promotes the ethos of your company.  Or re-direct people to your website. A well paced greeting or auto attendant message can ensure your customer feels valued, and feel happy to wait to be spoken to, so it’s a very valuable tool for any size of business.

Our MOH service can also provide music on-hold options as well as deliver professional promotional messages to your callers. There is no doubt that On-hold marketing is a great way optimise the time your customers spend on-hold. Our packages provide professional voices for announcements and messages. We have a huge range of actors voices to choose from, and our bespoke script writing and easy script wizards can help you decide on the message your business wishes to promote.

Recordings are quickly produced for you to use, and we have a wide range of musical royalty free music options. Marketing on hold from Berry Telecom is compatible with both PABX and VoIP systems, and is available in all formats including MP3, WAV and PCM.

Call Berry Telecom today on 0330 222 0332, and start 2016 with a marketing on hold service your business can be proud of.

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