What is the best phone system for a small business?


Each entrepreneur has unique requirements when it comes to finding the best phone systems for small business strategies. Indeed, your budget, your tech investment and access, and your work environment will affect the decision and influence your choice of a phone system.

Because there is no such thing as one solution fits all, we need to understand how you work and how you use phones, this will help to guide you.

Cloud-based VoIP phone system for small business

A VoIP phone system enables your team to make and receive calls over the Internet. For companies that want to save costs, the cloud-based phone system is cheaper than a landline phone system for small business environments, and it is also a lot more flexible. You can scale your VoIP phone system up or down to adapt to your team size and needs. It’s also a perfect way of bringing remote workers on board.

On-premise phone system for small business

Setting up your private telephone network, aka a PBX or Private Branch Exchange, can ensure your call is routed internally. The process reduces cost and also provides greater management over separate phone lines. Additionally, you can also use a receptionist service, including in the PBX system that helps to guide external callers to the appropriate interlocutor. PBX systems can also use VoIP channels.

Mobile phone system for small business

When you don’t want to equip your staff with devices, you can use the mobile phone system that combines a mobile phone and a landline into one solution. The system can switch seamlessly between both˜devices’, providing high adaptability to real-time needs. It’s the perfect solution to reach out to employees during travel or create an accessible remote working experience.

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