Berry Telecom rebrands to become Berry Technologies

Berry Telecom has this month changed its operating name to Berry Technologies. The name change is to help the company more effectively communicate its wide and expanding range of products and services, which are now more than just telecoms.

Berry Telecom launched in 2011 providing business phone systems to SME’s across the UK and had a team of just six people. Today, Berry’s team is approaching 100-strong and the company offers far more than just phone systems. As the technology landscape has changed from the traditional overhead phone line set-up, to the roll out of high-speed fibre, 4G and emerging 5G networks, not only has Berry been able to offer advanced phone features including mobile applications and database integration, but has been also able to stretch out into other complementary product areas.

Subsequent services such as business mobiles, broadband, wired and wireless networks were just the beginning of Berry’s product portfolio expansion.

Recent years have seen the UK’s network of connectivity gain real momentum which has opened-up a range of new web-based services that Berry can provide to complement its telecoms offering. Products such as Berry’s Web
service, now offers customers the ability to update their business contact details and opening times for all of their public web channels including their website and social media profiles. The Web Listings service automatically updates search engines, review sites, apps and maps, which results in better search engine rankings.

Next month, Berry will also launch a new Hikvision CCTV offering, utilising the existing skills base of the company’s Technical Team.

Hikvision is one of the world’s leading security brands. This CCTV range will help Berry’s customers to more seamlessly integrate and manage their telecoms and security systems.

Upon the launch of its new name, Berry Co-owner and Sales Director Simon Langford said:

Moving to Berry Technologies and away from Berry Telecom will help to better position our company for the future. There are many more technology-based services and products that we have on our development roadmap and so we’re excited about what we’ll be able to offer our customers in the future.€

On Berry’s future Simon added:

As technology such as the 5G network becomes more widespread, Berry will harness it to help businesses operate smarter and more efficiently. Ultimately Berry wishes to become a one-stop shop for all the technology needs of an SME.

Berry’s logo will remain almost the same, retaining the same colours and fonts to ensure continued visual recognition of its brand.

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