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Business phones for car sales yards, garages, auto body repair centres and MOT centres
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Business Phone Systems for the Automobile Industry

In the auto industry, customers have a plethora of companies offering the services they are looking for. Whether it’s a new vehicle, maintenance, or repair services, the customer has plenty of choice, so it’s imperative companies looking to attract new, or retain existing customers, give exemplary service.

In many cases, first enquiries will be made over the phone, so how a call is answered and handled will make a lasting impression. Berry has been working with the National Body Repair Association (NBRA) as a recommended supplier, to ensure their members have the best phone system with all the customer-centric features. Read on to see how Berry can help you beat the competition!

Key Phone System Features for Automobile Businesses

Auto Attendant

A professional auto attendant means the caller isn’t kept waiting if your reception is busy. Callers can choose the relevant department streamlining call handling and saving your staff time.   

Call Recording

Dispute resolution

When quoting over the phone, call recordings can lend a helping hand to resolve customer disputes. Voice recordings can help save money, as well as legal headaches, and thereby safeguard the reputation of your company.

Capture missed or forgotten details

Perfect for reviewing any information that was given by a customer. Whether this is contact details, or a specification of their requirements. Don’t rely on sticky notes and scraps of paper!

Improved customer service

Effective as an aid when developing customer service skills within your team. Listening to calls can help develop awareness of tone and approach, highlighting what is done well, or what requires improvement.


Berry call recording software is fully GDPR compliant. Recording can be paused when taking payment details.

Contact Popping

Perfect for existing customers. Have the callers’ details on screen, before taking an incoming call. Know who you are speaking to, and have all their information in front of you, for seamless and professional call management.

On Hold Marketing

Berry can arrange a bespoke script, coupled with the right music and voice. On hold marketing is a great way to promote your brand, products and services. Guide callers to your website, special offers, or positive reviews of your service.

Automobile Case Study - UK Carbody

UK Carbody has been a Berry customer since 2012 and has recently upgraded its system to the Ericsson-LG platform due to its superior feature set and potential cost saving on calls.

UK Carbody Managing Director, Devin Cavanagh said the most invaluable feature they have is the Call Recording application, he went on to say:

“Call recording has helped us out so many times. It just helps to clear up any confusion on who agreed what, which is so important for our customers and the insurance companies we deal with. We’ve been able to resolve any disputes rapidly, meaning we can just get on with the job in hand.”

Our phone systems are suitable for :

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