Business Telephone Systems - VoIP

Berry Telecom, based in the south of England, is an expert in the specification,  supply and installation of small to medium size business telephone systems in the UK.

We often get asked by our customers about the technical terms related to networked phone systems and the features available now in our business telephone systems. “What are VoIP telephone systems and how can businesses benefit?” is high on the list of the things our customers would like know.

If you are thinking of upgrading you business telephone system please get in touch - we are very happy to give you good advice and we'll have you up and running within days with a feature-rich phone system!

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is a way to deliver voice and data communications over the Internet- sometimes referred to as IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, IP communications, and a broadband telephone service.

Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

The advantages of VoIP for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) when thinking about upgrading their business telephone systems fall into 2 categories:
  • Lower prices
  • More features
Because of the low costs that VoIP technology can provide, many businesses are upgrading from traditional copper-wire business telephone systems to VoIP phone systems to reduce their phone costs.

For example a VoIP handset can be used via any ethernet datapoint and configured as just another extension to your office system - so use it from home or another location just as if you were in the office. Using our mobile app you can also do the same for a smart phone - integrate it as if it was another office extension. So if you are overseas you can make internal office calls for free on your smart phone or dial out to another UK telephone number at local call rates, regardless of where you are with your mobile phone.

VoIP business telephone systems bring lots of other great features such as much easier portability and deployment - they are easy to move handsets to new office locations or other places without engineering help. Our Samsung VoIP business telephone handsets are great for office workers in all industries and have some excellent features including:
  • Easy to use intuitive navigation
  • Speaker phone
  • Fixed function keys
  • Phone book entries, short messages
  • Import/export phone book to USB
For more information about the advantages and features in modern business telephone systems please call Berry Telecom on 0330 222 0332.