Music Or Messages on Hold (MOH)

Berry Telecom are experts in business telephone system installation and can quickly and easily provide your business with up to the minute, professional telephone equipment. One of the key features of our Samsung telephones is Music or Messages on Hold (MOH).

Did you know that 34% of customers whose call is not answered, do not call back after hanging up? This is one of the reasons why music or messages on hold are an important business telephone system tool.  Whilst being held in a queue your customer can hear music, which helps them to relax and pass the time, and can also listen to key messages tailored to them and your business.

It has been shown that 30 seconds of being on hold can feel like over a minute and a half if no audio stimulation is given, so using Music or Messages on Hold is the perfect way to engage with and retain your caller.

Many professional businesses like yours place customers on hold. It may be that the caller is in a queue – very likely in a busy customer service centre or within the health care sector, where people need to wait to make appointments. Customers are often placed on hold when calls are being transferred or when an issue is being dealt with – a useful message of piece of music can make this a more positive experience for the caller, whilst also ensuring the person understands they have not been cut off.

With Berry Telecom’s library of over 300 Royalty free tunes and a wide range of voice actors, you can easily choose the right kind of music style and the perfect voice to represent your business.  Take a look at our MOH Demo here to get an idea of the scope of our voice actors and the music available.  There are even script wizards to help you create a professional message.  Once you have reviewed and approved your music and messages, everything is delivered for use on your business telephone system within hours.

Using music and messages on hold can encourage your caller to visit your website whilst they wait for their call to be answered. This is an ideal way to encourage them to find out more about your business offering, or provide them with an alternative way to get in touch during busy periods. On hold messages can also highlight special offers - studies have found that 16% of callers have made a purchase based on an on-hold message. 

Why not use the Berry Telecom professional music and messages on hold service on your business telephone system? Upgrade your phone system today and help reduce call hang-ups, communicate with your customer, and ensure they feel valued even when you can't immediately take a call. The Berry Telecom business telephone music/message on hold (MOH) system is available at one low price, with no monthly fees and no hidden contracts. Why not get in touch with us 0330 222 0332 / for more information today?