MiFID II Level 1 Compliant Call Recording

From 3rd January 2017 Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) are obliged to record all telephone calls with potential customers and existing clients which may lead to any transaction. Berry Telecom provide and install straight forward business phone systems with call recording, that are fully compliant with the new changes in MiFID II Level 1. Even our cost effective entry level office phone system offers Call Recording to meet the new compliance requirements.

Berry Telecom's office phone systems with Call Recording offer industry leading features which allow easy recording, storage and play back of calls.  It also includes a high level of encryption. We work with all phone systems including analogue, ISDN and SIP, and can also provide hosted web-based VoIP fully compliant call recording solutions.

What is new in MiFID II Level 1?

To increase investor protection and deter market abuse, MiFID II states that Financial Advisors and Companies must record all telephone conversations or electronic communications. When they receive or send orders, execute orders on their client’s behalf or deal on their own account, all telephone conversations and electronic communications must be recorded whether they result in  trade or not. Records must be kept for five years, and up to a further two years where the MiFID II Member State national competent authority requests.

Choose Berry Telecom for complaint MIFID II Level 1 Call Recording

  • Secure Easy to Use Call Recording
  • Encrypted
  • Start/Stop & Pause Recording
  • Extensive Search to find calls
  • 1 click emailing of recordings
  • Inbuilt Archiving Facility
  • Easy to find and Extract Information
  • Audit Trail
  • Extensions Tags
  • Live Dashboard
  • Calls can be recorded from beginning to end, even when on hold or transferred
  • Multi Site Recording
  • Flexible and Scaleable
Berry Telecom provide ideal Call Recording solutions for Financial Advisors, offering a precise record of calls which can be stored with the client's file. As well as complying with MIFID II Level 1,  recorded calls can also assist with resolving disputes, quality assurance & reduces the risk of FOS action, it also enables best practice across your staff team. 

Click here to download a product information sheet, and call one of our team today on 0330 222 0332, to find out how Berry Telecom call help you to meet the new requirements.