Financial Sector

An important consideration within the financial sector is providing security and protection for the company, employees and customers, with the Samsung solutions this function is easily enabled. The Samsung range of products offers the ability to record every call with the ability to archive and retrieve recorded calls and all associated call information. This system complies with FSA regulations, including MiFID II Level 1 which comes into force on 3rd January 2017. The new directive from The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) states that everyone involved in providing financial advice which may lead to trade must ensure that calls are recorded with potential customers and existing clients where there is an "intention to conclude a transaction".

The OfficeServ Voice Recording application is the perfect solution for any financial business, this application also allows for the secure taking of information and also credit card details, (with the touch of a button the recording can be stopped and then restarted again once the details have been given, giving your customers the peace of mind they need when providing details via the phone). 

We all know that flexibility when working is key and we are not always around to receive a call at our desks. With the Berry Telecom system a call can be taken on a mobile phone and still have the same recording functionality as that of your desk phone. This allows for compliance, greater efficiency within the work place, as well as making sure you never miss an important call.