Computer Integration

Samsung Xchange expands your telephone handset into your complete communication solution. 

Being productive has never been easier.

Would you like to know who is calling you before you answer the phone? Samsung Xchange will search your personal contact lists and your company contact lists. If no match is found Xchange will perform a Google ™ search, which for the majority of business calls will provide you with the company name and business type plus a link to their web site and location.

Be more efficient and check the availability of the person you want to contact, see if they are busy or only available by e-mail or Instant Messaging (IM). With Samsung Xchange even contacts outside Your Company can be viewed using the standards based link into several common social networking sites. With this it has never been easier to keep in touch.

Do you ever struggle to put a face to a name or voice? Enhance your memory with the Samsung Xchange feature of caller look up on Facebook™ and LinkedIn™ if the callers picture is available, this will appear on your screen.