Call Recording & Monitoring

Berry Telecom based in the South of England provides business telephone systems with industry leading functionality and features.  One of these features is Call Recording, which allows businesses to record, store and archive telephone calls, and then easily find and playback them back.

Why Record Telephone Calls?

Many businesses use call recording to improve company standards and therefore customer care. Recording calls enables businesses to monitor call quality and also staff performance. Having call recording can protect staff from abuse, as callers are aware their speech is being monitored. Call recording is also a great staff-training tool – play back calls to illustrate best practice when interacting with customers.

Many businesses, particularly those taking orders over the phone, travel agents, or those in the health or legal professions find call recording a fantastic tool. Businesses can quickly double check information given over the phone by playing calls back. Disputes can be resolved, and exactly ‘who said what’ can be proven using the recordings.  Indeed because call recordings are encrypted, they are also legally admissible as evidence in court.

Call Recording Facilities from Berry Telecom is easy to use:

  •  A simple dashboard layout makes it easy to use
  • There is an in-built archiving facility
  • With one click you can email the call recording
  • Extensive search criteria means it is easier to find a particular call
  • Recordings can be exported as WAV files
  • Even when on hold, the call is recorded

Berry Telecom work with all technologies in any combination, from analogue, ISDN to SIP. We can provide simple USB-based client/server solutions, hosted, web-based solutions or full turn-key systems that will record many thousands of calls across multiple sites every day.
Call recording is even included in our cost-effective entry-level business telephone system solutions.

What’s included in our feature–rich business telephone call recording system?

  • Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 and SIP call recording
  • Secure access means only the nominated person can playback the call
  • Automated archiving 
  • Regulatory Compliant Encryption 
  • Call tagging and notation
  • Start, Stop and Pause facilities
  • Trim and extract facility
  • Audit trail to monitor users and playback
  • Extension tagging
  • Live dashboard with trunk and ddi info
  • Automatic stop/start with optional Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • PBX integration
  • 1 year support

Optional Extras:

  • Call evaluation
  • Evaluation, feedback results and audit reports
Berry Telecom systems and applications are suited to any business and provide the perfect solution to any problem you might have. For more information about the advantages and features in modern business telephone systems please call Berry Telecom on 0330 222 0332.