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What can VoIP do for my small business?

The term VoIP, stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put this is a way of sending voice and data over the internet. Transmitting information this way means you can save money on your business telephone calls.

Sometimes VoIP is referred to as a broadband telephone service. The benefits to any business are numerous and for a small business these are particulalry attractive:

1. Achieve lower prices for your phone calls
2. More features to your business phone system
3. A VoIP telephone handset can be used as another extension to your office system - Use it from home or another location.
4.  Use our mobile app on your smartphone to integrate it as if it were an office extension. Make internal office calls for free even when overseas on your smart phone or dial out to another UK telephone number at local call rates!

The low costs that VoIP technology provide, mean that many businesses are now upgrading from traditional copper-wire business telephone systems to VoIP phone systems to greatly reduce their phone costs. 

Berry Telecom, based in the south of England, is an expert in the specification,  supply and installation of small to medium size business telephone systems in the UK. We supply and install VoIP telephone systems across the North and South of England, Wales and in central London. If you are thinking of upgrading you business telephone system please get in touch on 0330 222 0332 - we are very happy to give you sound jargon-free advice and we'll have you up and running within days with a feature-rich phone system in no time. Look forward to hearing from you!

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