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Telecom Solutions in Healthcare

Whether you are looking for a telecoms solution for a large hospital or a small GP practice, Berry Telecom can help bring flexibility and efficiency to your business.

Features of our telecommunication systems include Call Recording, which provides protection for both the patient and health advisor.  Using our rapid search engine, calls can be checked, verified and reviewed ensuring no information is lost, and quality of service is maintained.  

During peak times, the in-built call queuing facility can divert the call to a virtual switchboard operator, or can relay useful recorded information to patients waiting on hold e.g. healthcare news and updates. 

The Berry OfficeServ phone system can also integrate with Front of House, meaning bookings, room availability and special requirements can all be easily accessed; particularly useful for Residential Healthcare providers.

If you are looking for telecom solutions for use within the Healthcare Industry, you can find out more here. 

Why not give Berry Telecom based in Salisbury a call today 0330 222 0332  Or get in touch here. 

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