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Exeter Business Telephone System Solutions

Exeter has many innovative businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. The Devonshire city is home to a large number of prestigious organisations who have chosen to base their national or regional head offices there. The city's new Science Park is central to the technological, engineering and medicine (STEM) based industries in the city, whilst the university's School of Business and Economics is leading the way in strategic thinking in business development. 

Berry Telecom already have many clients in the Devon area, we offer a truly flexible solution for any business, whether you are a large multi-site headquarters or a small office, and are able to provide cutting edge business telephone system solutions and advice. One of the topics we find many businesses ask us about is VoIP, and how it might assist their business. VoIP is a way to deliver voice and data communications over the internet - sometimes people describe it as IP telephony or Internet telephony, or a broadband telephone service.

The advantages of using VoIP is that it offers a lower price and has many features. An example being that a VoIP handset can be used as an extension to your office phone, and using your smartphone you can use VoIP wherever you are in the world at UK call rates. You can find out more about VoIP here. 

If your business or organisation is looking to upgrade to a new telephone system, and you want to understand what technology is available and is the most useful for your business, do get in touch with Berry Telecom today. We offer cost effective telephone solutions for your business, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you in business telecoms. 0330 222 0332 / We look forward to hearing from you.

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