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Cheap Phone Lines for Schools

Are you looking for an affordable phone line and cheap calls package for your school?

Berry Telecom are your local one stop phone installation specialist. We have a proven track record of working with many large employers and businesses, installing up to the minute and affordable telephone systems right across the Hampshire area and the UK. 

Our consolidated calls and lines package tailored to your school will help you to manage your running costs. Through our friendly consultative approach we’ll ensure you receive a best-fit solution to help you achieve your objectives. Your school can receive all this for a low monthly bill:
  • Call and line rental rates - under a penny per minute
  • Per second billing
  • No minimum call charge
  • Free of charge 14 day transfer - No loss of service – Just cheaper bills
  • BT maintained lines through Berry Telecom
  • No hidden costs - Pay for what you get
  • Low cost calls guaranteed
  • As well as the competitive charges, Berry are able to provide a more personal customer service
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers
  • Enjoy a great customer service experience
  • Arrange everything the easy way - via a single Berry Telecom point of contact
  • Simple billing - one monthly bill for all calls and line rental. 
Why not call Berry Telecom for a tailored quote for your school on 0330 222 0332 today? Or get in touch here and we will call you - what could be simpler?

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very positive experience with the new phone system