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What is Music on Hold MOH?

Music or Messages on Hold (MOH) is used by many businesses to ensure their customers feel valued whilst they wait for a call to be answered, transferred or an issue to be resolved. It is an incredibly valuable business telephone system tool which helps callers to know that you are aware of their call, and that they will be answered, it also gives businesses an opportunity to relay key messages and information to the caller whilst they wait.

With studies showing that 30 seconds whilst on hold can feel more like 90 seconds, it's important to retain your callers interest and prevent them from becoming disenchanted and hanging up. Here at Berry Telecom we can quickly and easily set your business up with a professional music and messaging on hold phone service. The Berry Telecom business telephone music/message on hold (MOH) system is available at one low price, with no monthly fees and no hidden contracts. 

With over 300 Royalty free tunes, a wide range of voice actors and our easy to use script wizard, you can easily choose the right message to represent your business.  Take a look at our Music on Hold Demonstrator here to get an idea of just what is possible.

If you would like to find out more, you can read about Music on Hold here - Do get in touch
with us 0330 222 0332 /, we look forward to helping you. Berry Telecom are based in Salisbury, Wiltshire we install business telephone systems across the UK. 

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