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Unpicking Business Telephone System Terminology

When it comes to Business Telephone Systems there are a lots of different terms, acronyms and abbreviations to get your head around - What exactly does CTI, CLIP and VoIP* stand for?  

Berry Telecom have put together a very useful glossary of Business Telecom terms to help our customers understand the vast array of features available by updating your business telephone systems. With Berry Telecom a new and upgraded business phone system can be installed quickly and easily and is very cost effective, why not get in touch to find out more? 0330 222 0332/

*CLIP - Calling Line Identity Presentation means you can see the details of the person calling you - just like on your mobile phone.

CTI - Computer Telephony Integration means that your phone can be connected to your PC allowing you to dial directly from your computer, it also means that incoming caller information can appear on your computer screen.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol is a way to make and receive phone calls and faxes over the internet. These are free of any charge, so ideal for making significant savings on your business telephone bills!

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very positive experience with the new phone system