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What is Call Recording and why is it useful for businesses?

One of the useful features of the business telephone systems that Berry Telecom provide is 'Call Recording'. This is the ability to record telephone conversations as they happen, then store, archive and play back the call at a later date. 

Businesses who often use voice recording are doctors surgeries and other healthcare providers, insurance companies, businesses that take orders over the phone, call centres and travel agents. Indeed any business who needs to ensure that they have the information to hand to offer excellent customer service. 

Using the Call Recording feature on your business telephone system means that you can:

- Use recorded calls to train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions 
- Monitor your staff in relation to call quality & improve performance and customer care
- Help to protect staff from abuse
- Resolve “who said what” disputes

Berry Telecom's call recording solutions have regulatory compliance including high level encryption, this means that if necessary a call recording can stand up in court as evidence.  This is required for FSA regulated companies. You can read more about Call Recording here, and we have a useful jargon busting glossary of business telephone system terms here. If you are looking to upgrade your business telephone system and would like to include call recording, why not get in touch with Berry Telecom today? Call 0330 222 0332, or email - we look forward to hearing from you.

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