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Business Phone System Features from Berry Telecom

Berry Telecom provide phone systems and applications to many small to medium sized businesses throughout the UK. Our office telephone systems use quality Samsung hardware and provide a range of features which can really benefit your business including:

Call Reporting

Manage, analyse and control your business communications effectively with our comprehensive call reporting solution. Call Reporting can enable you to improve customer service and call handling, detect and combat fraud, increase revenue and more.

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Call Recording

Record, store, find, playback and archive calls in order to monitor call quality and staff performance, resolve disputes, protect staff from abuse and for training purposes. Even our entry level solutions are meet regulatory compliance for FSA regulated companies.

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On Hold Marketing

Optimise the time your customer spend waiting on hold with a professional message and music to suit your brand. A wide range of actors and music to choose from and writing assistance from professionals.

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Why not find out more details about all of Berry Telecoms products and services? Or for any questions or queries give us a call on: 0330 222 0332.

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