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Quality Office Phones from Berry Telecom

Berry Telecom provide phone systems and applications for businesses large and small throughout the UK. When it comes to our handsets, we want to take your business into the future which is why we use handsets which offer the latest Samsung technology. Office phones provided by Berry Telecom use the most up to date techniques in digital speech processing and audio technology, delivered over IP, for the best possible performance.

Berry Telecom’s Samsung handset are an award winning flexible design, allowing them to be positioned at 30 or 60 degrees or even be wall mounted to suit the requirements of your business. The Samsung office phones also have a range of other features including:

  • Presence, Scheduler, and UC Solutions.
  • Superior video solution (Push video, VCS).
  • G.722 Wide-band codec, Wide-band handset, mic and speaker.
  • Open API based on XML browser.
  • Voice/video recording.
  • Security capable of sRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol)

Why not come and read more about our range of Samsung handsets. For any questions or queries about office phones from Berry Telecom, please get in touch.

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everything worked exactly as requested - first time, no issues