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Multi Location Office Phone Systems

Berry Telecom are one of the UK's biggest suppliers of cost effective office phone systems. We specialise in all kinds of communication systems to meet the needs of any size of company, with the aim of offering a business phone system a little or no extra cost to your business per month. If you have a business spread across multiple locations then Berry Telecom can help. Berry Telecom provide both hosted cloud-based phone systems as well as the more traditional in-house telephone lines. 

Recently we helped Imperial Car Supermarkets who have a large staff team, including a call centre across six car showrooms across the UK. From Northampton to Southampton, Chertsey to Portsmouth this busy car retailer needs a reliable, high tech phone system that connects their customers and staff team day and night. Here is some feedback from Imperial Cars:

"Yet again Berry Telecom have done a superb job, installing our phone system quickly, seamlessly and on time. We are really happy with the system, which links our Northampton site back to our head offices in Southampton. This means we can easily manage overflow calls at busy times, monitor our customer care performance and also keep a record of all calls at a centralised point."*
Neil Smith, Operations Director

Companies like this find Berry Telecom's Call Reporting systems incredibly useful. Here you can keep tabs on, manage and control your customer communications. By ensuring you are making the most of your staff team, you can ensure that customers are responded to in a timely and professional manner at all times. 

Improve your customer service, whilst improving call handling with Berry Telecom. We can help you reduce your communication costs, even across multiple locations. Let us help you maximise and help you grow your sales with our cost effective, feature rich phone systems! Call Berry Telecom today on 0330 222 0332, or drop us a line here and one of our knowledgeable staff team will call you.

*Read this and more testimonials here.

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