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Flexible Wireless Office Phones from Berry Telecom

Berry Telecom are pleased to be able to offer the new range of SMT-i6000 wired and wireless handsets to office and business users. These powerful phones integrate the office phone with a user’s mobile using the Samsung Device Manager app, giving users extra functionality and far more control.

The main benefits of the SMT-i6000 range is that being wireless, the phones don’t need to be connected directly to a phone line -simply a power source. Phones can be used in any location within the wireless range, to give businesses far more flexibility, and allowing staff to hot desk or work where normal phone cabling systems don't allow. Wireless phones also reduce the number of wires & cables required, making desks and office spaces to look tidier. 

Other key features of the SMT-i6000 include:
  • The ability to use with a headset if desired
  • Contact Synchronisation & Auto Upload of contacts from Smartphone to Deskphone
  • Use a Smartphone as a remote control to make calls from the Deskphone with ease
  • Call Handover with the Samsung handset app (WE VoIP)  allowing you to move calls received on your Deskphone over to a Smartphone and vice versa
  • Transition calls from a Wi-Fi environment to GSM without interrupting the call
  • Use the handset as a Wi-Fi hotspot - up to 5 devices can connect wirelessly providing simple wireless networking in small offices or in listed buildings where cabling can be problematic
Why not find out more about Berry Telecoms wide variety of handsets here?  Call us on 0330 222 0332 to talk to us about your requirements and to ask any questions you may have, our friendly team are always on hand to take your call.

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