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Corporate Phone Systems from Berry Telecom

Berry Telecom based in Salisbury and Manchester work with companies and organisations across the UK, working at a corporate level with businesses of all sizes.

At Berry Telecom we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and offering them flexibility as well as a reliable, cost effective top of the range phone system. Whether you are a one location business or a multi-site organisation needing to connect with your staff and customers across vast areas and time zones, we can help. We offer both traditional PBX systems as well as advanced VoIP cloud based based internet phone solutions and can work with you to decide on which will work best for your company.

We offer feature rich phone systems which enable you to manage your monthly budget, including mobile minutes and more. Take a look at the wide range of businesses we work with from healthcare professionals, estate agents and those in the financial sector to hoteliers and retailers.

We make switching to and growing your business with Berry Telecom easy, ensuring that we install your phone system out of office hours so that there is no disruption and providing full staff training and follow up support. Get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team today by clicking here or calling 0330 222 0332.

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everything worked exactly as requested - first time, no issues